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As it is known, the Academic Writing Assistance Company is interested in the most varied historical research topics related to different aspects of the modern world. Today, the world has become smaller, and people travel more often than not even in the most remote areas of the world.

As demonstrated in all historical research topics, in the first half of the 17th century the pattern of the journey designed to meet the educational needs of the gentleman is still dominated by the crisis of the relationship between culture and politics. This separation of spheres establishes the incompetence of the private individual in matters of state. Indirectly, the social subject of the journey is hereby established: the aristocrat with public functions.

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When the traveler, without any public character, the truly history term paper topic "private traveler" appears, he takes the representativity of the institutions of the private sphere (the literacy republic, learned societies) as his reference points and submits to the judgment of the thinking public.

The very meaning of the history term paper topic "journey" undergoes a change, which can be measured through the classical "learned man", who has taken the stage as reader-purchaser of travel books. As regard the circulation of travel books, there is a growing tendency towards specialization and differentiation in the marketing channels. Stress is laid in this paper on the particular forms (schools, scientific societies, chemistry, geography) through which the rising economic class acquired the right to exercise an influence over the essential aspects of public life.

In conclusion, travel books seem to have played an important and precious function in the process that led to the formation of "public opinion" as a "universal opinion" able to judge the customs of the entire society.

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