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How to Complete a Personal Assessment Essay: brief writing guide.

Personal assessment is a rather specific genre in academic writing. It does not require that you conduct a profound research (you just need to have at least basic knowledge in sociology and psychology). Self-assessment is quite beneficial for students as it allows to see the goals more clearly and analyze the current state of their achievement. There are different types of personal assessment but all of them are based on similar principles. Here we will explain the most important stages of this type of paper completion.

Stage 1. Gathering evidence.

  • Before you start writing you need to make sure that you have the necessary materials to base your assessment on. Note that any paper requires a proper preparation stage and personal assessment essay is not an exception.
  • Find the pieces of evidence that will prove your achievements, such as diplomas, certificates, reports, recommendation letters etc.
  • Make sure that the evidence, which you find, is relevant to the sort of self-assessment that you are completing.

Stage 2. Selecting the criteria.

  • Criteria is a set of principles that you need to apply in order to assess certain features. It should also correspond to the type of assessment.
  • Usually personal assessment is a part of requirements for job application. In this case you should check the profile of the vacancy, which you apply to, and learn which responsibilities you are supposed to have. Select the evaluating criteria according to them.
  • If you have to complete an evaluation of your personal growth you can use 2 lists for assessments: one with the qualities that you desire to obtain and the second with the characteristics that you would like to get rid of.
  • Reassure that you have enough evidence to defend your arguments despite any type of self-assessment.

Stage 3. Listing your actions.

  • As on previous stage you were working on the lists with your desires and ideas, here you should write the actions that you perform in order to achieve your goal.
  • Make sure that every actions is connected with the purpose, which is equivalent.

Stage 4. Outline the essay.

  • Outlining is a significant for any type of paper completion. It keeps the essay structured and ensures that you do not forget any important point. Once the outline is written be certain that the most part of your work is done.
  • Outline will determine the main parts of your paper. State the certain goal in each section of your outline. You may start from the most essential purpose and then proceed with less important for you.
  • You can also ground your paper on other ideas. For example, you may write about habits of yours that you do not like and want to give up, or dreams that you want to fulfill.
  • The arrangement of section must be logical. In order to make some accents and concentrate the reader’s attention you may add subheadings to each paragraph.

Stage 5. Drafting and revising.

  • Write the rough draft of your paper: base each paragraph on the relevant sections of your outline.
  • Do not skip the revision step. It is crucial stage of paper completion as it helps to improve the essay’s flow and fix the mistakes.

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