How to select a topic for essay about technology?

Technology can be defined in various ways. One of the definitions states that it is a field that creates and uses technical resources. Also, you can find it explained as an amount of ways providing humanity with material things. What is more, the technology developed in numerous branches, which you can also describe in your essay. Our article will teach you how to select a proper topic for your technology essay and provide you with some good ones that you can write about.

Basic rules of selecting your essay’s topic.

There are two possible situations that you can get into:

You receive the topic from your instructor.

In this case, we recommend you:

  • To learn which type of essay you are expected to complete. There are a number of possible types: description, critical, analytic, synthesis, definition and argumentation essays. Note that you can clarify this question in the instructions given by your tutor as they will have such words-indicators as “define”, “explain”, “discuss”, “analyze”, “criticize” etc.

Your professor did not specify the topic.

  • Clarify which aims you are going to pursue in your writing. The topic will depend on them to a large extent.
  • List your ideas about the things you want to reveal in your paper. Select those ones, which seem connected with each other and are fresh.
  • If your instructor assigned “an essay about technology” you should make clear the exact subdivision of this field (it may depend on the discipline). You will rarely be expected to write your reflections or general impression about technology. Usually you are supposed to provide accurate data, support your discussion with arguments and evidence.

Topics for the essay about technology:

Technological innovations.

  • Perspectives of technological innovations.
  • Do innovations in technology lead to general economic growth?
  • Technological revolution in modern America.
  • Technological change era: how does society get adopted to it?
  • Social learning about technological innovations.

Technology in education.

  • Is using technology in classroom effective?
  • Technological trends in education.
  • Possible ways of using technology in classroom.
  • Which barriers do teachers face using technologies?
  • Why is it important for a teacher to be technology-literate?
  • The types of online learning.
  • The causes of e-learning popularity.
  • Communities and groups of online learning.
  • How to get a quality education online?
  • Are e-lessons effective in higher educational institutions?
  • Technologies in learning foreign languages.

Communication and information technologies.

  • The methods of transforming local economies with the help of informational technologies.
  • Informational technologies investigating gender issues.
  • Does informational technology empower people?
  • The importance of appropriate policies in communication technologies.
  • Strategies used in policies’ development.
  • Strategies in the informational and communicating technologies.
  • Information technologies usage for educational needs.


  • The definition on nanotechnology.
  • Nanotechnology and micromechanics.
  • How does nanotechnology change our civilization?
  • Small technologies making big changes.
  • Which risks does nanotechnology bring?
  • The role of nanotechnology in future.
  • How does nanotechnology influence the safety of food?


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