How to Write a Argumentative Essay Efficiently?

How to Write a Argumentative Essay Efficiently?

Which Essay Is Argumentative?

Argumentative essay is one of the 4 main essay types together with the narrative, expository and descriptive essays. The central element of an argumentative essay is an idea and it is always supported by the set of arguments. The aim of each argumentative essay is to convince in the point of view supported being proper and better than others.

How to Get Started?

As the saying goes, “The good beginning is the half of the way”. We offer you to follow the given first steps and then you will learn how to write a argumentative essay properly.

Stage 1st: Getting an Appropriate Topic

Not every topic will be suitable for an argumentative essay. Your topic needs to deal with the disputable issue. Moreover, the topic formulation should put the necessary accent. There cannot be any disputes on the topic “The USA Constitution” but one can select a certain side in discussion about “The Legalization of Marijuana”. If you can state your personal opinion on the issue from the topic and it is hypothetically possible to find the arguments against the statement, the topic is okay.

Stage 2nd: Research

Now, when you know your major topic, you should find out about it as many information as possible. This will be helpful, because:

1)      You need to understand your issue perfectly.

2)      You need to be ready to support it efficiently.

A good advice: while working with sources, write down some notes. A direct quotation from a reliable source is a good argument, so you won`t need to come back to the library.

Stage 3rd: Write an Outline

You should decide how you are going to structure your argumentative essay and what arguments will be included. There are two main types of structure:

1)      Introduction – 1st Block (Arguments Pro + examples  – emphasis on the reliability) – 2nd Block (Arguments Contra + examples – emphasis on their being weak) – Conclusion

2)      Introduction – Body Part (Argument Pro 1 – Argument Contra (1), Argument Pro (2) – Argument Contra (2) and so on) – Conclusion

The second type of structure looks more vivid, but it is up to you to choose.

After having written an outline, you can proceed to writing your argumentative essay.

Important Features to Take into Account

Every good argumentative essay has a set of specific features you should take into account while writing if you want to know how to write a argumentative essay qualitatively.

  • Reliable Argumentation

All the arguments provided are to be true and should better be supported with the links to reliable sources.

  • Illustrations for Evidence

Including of some graphs, tables and pictures if possible, can make the essay not only more interesting but also more convincing.

  • Multi-Sided

Your argumentative essay won`t be argumentative, if you do not write about the opposite point of view. Your task is to show the weak sides of the opposite argumentation.

Assistance in Writing of Argumentative Essays

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