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How to write a classification essay: purpose and strategy.

A classification essay is a piece of writing which sorts the objects into particular categories using one criterion for classification. The most basic concepts one should consider when writing the classification or division paper are a part, a whole and a relation between them. In general, classification is one of the cognitive skills which a student must acquire during the studying process and, probably, this is why the classification essays are assigned by the professors. In our article we will tell you little bit more about the classification skills and will provide you with the main steps on writing this type of essay.

  1. 1. Prewriting stage.

1.1. Identifying the subject.

  • When you are choosing the topic and identifying the subject of writing consider that you must be able to divide it into smaller parts, groups, sort out the features, types and so on. If the subject if solid or you cannot reveal its different characteristics under one criterion you should better look for another one.
  • We recommend you to select the subject which you can classify into more than 2 categories or the one which categories can be divided into subgroups.

1.2. Creating categories.

  • One of the principles for category determining is seeing various methods of how the objects can be classified. For example, if you classify fruit you may arrange the groups that have different colors, different form, different taste, way of growing and so on.
  • Remember that your classification principle depends on the purpose of the writing.

1.3. Developing a thesis statement.

  • After you have identified the groups, categories and purpose it is time to develop your thesis.
  • There 3 main functions of the thesis in the classification paper. First of all, it should name the group, which you are going to divide. Secondly, thesis defined the basis of your classification and, thirdly, marks the categories obtained.
  1. 2. Drafting stage.

2.1. Setting the categories in order.

  • Order is a way according to which you organize your ideas. Usually it reflects the relations and connections of the subgroups.
  • There are several methods of ordering the categories: you can set them from the most important to the least important, from the oldest to the newest one and vice versa.
  • Note that there is no better or worse way of ordering. You should think and choose the one which is the most suitable according to your purpose and the character of classification.

2.2. Using the transitions.

  • Actually, transitions should be used in every type of paper, however, in the classification essay they have an especially significant role – they help the reader to understand the causes and effects and will serve as signals for identifying separate categories or your intention to divide the things.
  1. 3. Revising stage.
  • This stage is a “must-do” for any paper that you write. The instructor not only checking your ideas but the writing proficiency in English.
  • Re-read your paper and check if it does not contain any punctuation, spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Make sure that your thesis is clear and the categories are arranged in the coherent manner.
  • The paper should be concise: do not use lengthy summaries or repeating the ideas, which have been already indicated.

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