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How to write a college application essay: tips for students.

When you are writing a college application essay you may come across with a feeling that you have either too much or too little to say. However, you should consider that it matters what and how you write but not the length of your paper. Certainly, you must stay in frames of the required word count but, nevertheless, the main features of your essay should be conciseness and coherence. Here you can learn how to develop an effective writing strategy and use it in your personal application essay.

  1. 1. Brainstorming stage.
  • As we have mentioned it is really important what you write in the college application essay. The committee members are usually looking for some basic things, which help them to judge about the applicant.
  • One of the writing preceding stages is brainstorming: here you should ask yourself some questions and thing about all possible answers, which are true-to-life and characteristic. Here are some of the questions you should pay your attention to:

- What education and experiences have you got that made you desire to pursue this program?

- When was the first time that you began to be interested in this area?

- What has triggered your interest and how did you pursue it? Here you can think about education, professional experience or volunteer work.

- What does attract you in the program you apply and how can it contribute to your personal and professional development?

- If there is a particular department or school program you are interested in the most think about the reason for your joining it.

- What are the ways you can implement the education, practical and theoretical knowledge received in the college? Think about your future career plans.

- What is the most notable thing about you? Find its relations with the program you are applying for and the ways how it can benefit to college in general.

  1. 2. Making an outline.
  • In general, outlining is beneficial for any kind of writing. It helps to develop a clear structure and to make sure that you do not omit any essential point.
  • On this stage you should identify the theme of your writing and choose the points from your brainstorming list, which you are sure to include in the application paper.
  • Make categories for more general features you are going to explicate and some important periods in your life, which you decided to include.
  • Divide your categories into subcategories, which will represent arguments and evidence to your general statements.
  1. 3. Writing stage.
  • We recommend you to start your writing with the body paragraphs. This way is usually easier.
  • Each of your statement should be supported by the evidence or examples. Make sure that you show not just tell.
  • When you have got a focus of your application essay you are able to write the introduction. Do your best to write such an introductory part, which will catch your reader’s attention and suggest the way how your essay will develop.
  • Sometimes committee will require you to go straight to the point from the introduction without any hooks and background information.

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