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How to Write a Comparative Essay Well?

How to Write a Comparative Essay Well?

A comparative essay is the subtype of an expository type of essay and deals mostly with features of two or more subjects. If one wants to know how to write a comparative essay, he needs to be aware how to determine the comparative essay among the others.

Features Which Determine the Comparative Essay

There are a few main features of essays of this type. If you find all them in one essay, you can tell for sure that you are facing a comparative essay.

  1. 1. There Are at Least Two Subjects

Every comparative essay has at least two subjects. Indeed, if you have only one, there is nothing to compare with, and it turns to another essay type.

  1. 2. The Essay Is Aimed on Features

Mostly, we do not have events/narration, persuading or argumentation to claim that one subject is better than other and the paper`s purpose is not to create a picture of an essay. The idea of an essay as well as its structure deals with features and their being similar or different.

  1. 3. Both Subjects of an Essay Fall into One Type

In order to have similar and different features, both subjects should belong to one category. For example, you there can be two different films, judicial systems of different countries, gender differentiation in some cases etc.

Structuring of a Comparative Essay

In order to cope with the writing a comparative essay successfully, one should structure the paper in a logical way.

1st Type of Structure: the Block Type

In this case beside the common introduction and conclusion, you will have three big paragraphs. One will be about the similar features and another two will tell the reader about the specific features of the each particular subject overviewed.

2nd Type of Structure: the Point-by-Point Type

This structural type deals with separation of your text according to the features you are going to write about. Thus, there will be as many paragraphs as features. Each paragraph will deal with the certain feature representation in two subjects.

3rd Type of Structure: Subjects Description

This type of structure also exists, but it is less effective. You can talk about one subject and then about the other one, mentioning the same features in both paragraphs. The reason why this structure is not good is because it does not show the pure comparison and it can be got from the implication of an essay.

How to Develop a Comparative Analysis Skill Effectively?

It is obvious, that in order to learn how to write a comparative essay qualitatively, one should have a well-developed comparative analysis skill. The experience is the best teacher, but not everybody has time for it and is willing to sacrifice his grades before he learns how to write better. That is why there are students, who learn how to compare from books and guidelines and there are those, who benefit from the help of experts.

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