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How to write a contrast and compare essay: two main methods

A comparative essay is a type of writing, the intention of which is to contrast to or more objects, ideas, opinions, events, books or so on under the features that differ or make them related. If you want to compose a meaningful compare and contrast paper just check our tips.

Method 1. Create the argument.

1.1. Choose two objects that you want to compare: remember that they should be possible to compare. For example, you can write an essay about contrasting two countries, two books, two periods in history, or two events. Also, a good comparison can be based on novel and movie filmed by it or a book and painting on same topic.

1.2. Conduct the research and list all potential similarities and differences. It is a good idea to visualize it and make a table or diagram. It can be added to your essay for submission.

1.3. Consult your sources in order to provide a deeper investigation. Remember to check which reference style you are to use and find all the details of the sources from the very beginning.

1.4. Choose the most significant features from your list for the paper: try to pick those aspects that really matter and can be explained well by you.

1.5. Create a thesis statement. It should include the reason and importance of comparison. Select different criteria you are going to talk about.

1.6. Do not be too sharp in your expression. You cannot write that one thing is good and the other is bad. Your statements must be motivated and expressed in a formal academic tone.

Method 2. Organization of the comparative essay.

2.1. Write an outline for your paper. This will help to shape the structure and to avoid ambiguities.

2.2. There are three ways how to structure your paper:

  • First, describe fully the first object and the second one and then point out among the indicated features those, which are close and different.
  • Build your paper according to following model: first discussing the objects of both subjects and then tell about distinctions.
  • Provide the comparison by features: contrast size, form, importance, popularity and tell how things are different in this way.

2.3. Write the introduction that will show the basic information about the subjects. End it up with your thesis statement.

2.4. Each body paragraph of your paper should include the proof of your statement. Use details to illustrate similarities and disparities.

2.5. Do not forget about counterarguments: show your realization and knowledge of different opinions.

2.6. In a conclusion part you should summarize your evidences and reaffirm your thesis statement.

Some more tips:

  • Use authoritative sources for your paper. Check if you were required to read and cite some particular books and articles.
  • Do not forget about the transitions between sentences and paragraphs. They will bring your paper together and make it flow.
  • Try to be brief and precise. Let your essay have a clear structure.
  • Avoid plagiarism. Make sure your have cited your sources properly and completed an original work which expresses your thought.

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