How to write a good college essay: basic steps to a worthy paper.

Essay writing in college is a synonym of academic writing, which is why you should learn and consider the basic rules for it. The main points you should pay attention to are that you must choose the proper topics for scholar discussion, give your own insight basing upon the previous findings and support your personal claim with the informed arguments. In order to complete a coherent paper you should follow the specific steps and our article will guide you into this process.

Step 1. Elaborating the background.

  • When you get to the topic (despite you have chosen it by yourself or it was given to you by the professor), first of all thing what you already know about it.
  • If you are not informed about it enough we highly recommend you to conduct a proper research. Consult the sources recommended by the instructor or look for them by your own but make sure that they are the trusty ones.

Step 2. Develop your own insight.

  • For the academic paper your own opinion is a significant, which is why you should think about your point about all the issue.
  • The point you make must rely on the arguments you develop to support it. Do not plagiarize somebody’s ideas or view but try to develop your own even if you need to rely on the sources.

Step 3. Summarizing the sources.

  • After you have read the necessary books or articles you should summarize them condensing to the small points that you can choose for supporting your own position.
  • Also, you can construct the summary about the subject’s context – what you actually know about it or learnt with the help of your research conducted.

Step 4. Evaluating.

  • Consider that evaluating is different from just reacting to the text, movie, event, lecture etc. You do not only describe how you feel about the issue or what kind of impression you received but also explain why your response appears like this.
  • Think which patterns from source do not contribute to your position and make you disagree or just not accept them.

Step 5. Analyzing.

  • This skill is exceptionally useful for building the coherent arguments. You should examine the components of your topic and find out how they relate to each other or to the whole.
  • Breaking the whole into parts helps to get better understanding of it and develop new insights.

Step 6. Synthesizing.

  • Synthesis is factually the contrary to analysis process as it requires finding the linkages between the ideas presented.
  • Synthesizing sometimes is called “an umbrella argument” – connecting smaller ideas under the broader one.

Step 7. Consider the audience.

  • Usually your audience will be a professor and classmates. However, sometimes you may be instructed to write for wider circle of reader. Anyway, you should consider all the readers’ interests.
  • Compare your purpose of writing and the interest of the reader. Usually you will need to inform him about the issue or argue about your point. Thus, think of the best way for doing it.
  • Nevertheless, do not write just for satisfying or flattering your professor. The essay is a task which is aimed on developing your cognitive and writing skills.

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