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In any American government class, it is very common for the course tutor to request the students to write an American government essay on a wide range of historical or current topics that have an impact on the lives of the ordinary citizen. The essay topic may be issued to you or you may have to come up with your own. Whichever the case, writing on a topic to do with American government requires an extensive amount of research. In order to come up with a paper that will earn you top marks, you may need to consider the following tips.

The important tips to help your American Government essay

1) Coming up with a topic: If you have not been issued with a topic, you will need to come up with your own. The topic ought to be based on areas which you feel you are conversant with. The research topic is definitive of how your paper will be structured. For example, you may choose to write on "Failures of the Federal System of American Governance."

2) Narrow down the field: Narrow down the field in which you want to carry your research. Your essay may be based on historical events or current affairs. From this, you may narrow down further to party politics, the presidential system, election systems and so on.

3) Carrying out your research: Before you start penning down your ideas, start out by first carrying out research to build the base for your paper. Your research may involve going through dissertations, newspapers and peer reviewed journals. Ensure that your research citations are included in the essay using the proper citation format.

4) After the research, start your writing. Your American government essay will depend on the essay format required by your course tutor. The most obvious format is starting with an introduction, the body and a conclusion.

These tips are not rigid and are only meant to guide you on ways in which you can properly write an essay for your American government class for top marks.

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