How to write a “Personal Strengths” essay effectively: useful techniques.

The question about personal strengths usually frustrates people for different reasons. Some of us are too shy to show what they are good at, others may think that they do not possess any special skills. In case you need to write an essay about your personal strengths you need to know the technique that will let you evaluate your qualities in a proper and objective way. We have gathered some most commonly used personal strengths and questions for you to identify whether you have them.


  • Are you the one who is able to manage the emotions?
  • Is it hard for you to hide your irritation and stay nice with people that cause it?
  • Can you refuse of certain values for the sake of higher aims?
  • Are you able to smile even when your mood is low and your plans crash?


  • If the person hurts you for many times would you be able to forgive all faults and stay in the same relationships with him or her?
  • Do you agree with the statement that human nature is all about making mistakes, which is why we need to learn how to forgive as we are not assured from the same?


  • Do you like when much attention is given to you? Do you feel like pointing your surrounding the way forward?
  • Are you able to be a good guide for people? Do they accept you in this role?
  • Are you the one who is usually holding the group together?

Social intelligence.

  • Is it easy for you to feel the mood of people that surrounds you?
  • After a short examination, would you be able to tell what the person is up to?
  • Do you manage to deal with people successfully even if you are not in close relationships with them?


  • Are you the one who is able to go ahead despite all the obstacles on your way?
  • Are there any barriers that would stop you in achieving the necessary result?
  • Can you work really hard in order to get the desired results?
  1. Kindness.
  • Do you agree with the opinion that we must be careful with what we say and do as our actions and words can hurt other people?
  • Do you feel sympathy to people that are unhappy for different reasons? Are you the one that can help them without getting anything instead?
  • Do you consider altruism as a principle that can help our world to survive?


  • Do you often have a feeling that a lot things, which people do, are not right? Have you tried to help the situation somehow?
  • Does it hurt you that some people have certain privileges, which others do not possess, although everyone is considered to be equal?

Sense of humor.

  • Are you able to find light and funny sides in all the things and situations that you come across?
  • Do people surrounding you feel relaxed usually?
  • Do you take your life absolutely seriously?


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