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How to Write a Reflective Essay Correctly?

What Is a Reflection Essay?

A reflection essay is the type of essay, when a student is required to tell his personal reflection to certain issue, event, or series of issues/events. However, it is not that easy as it may seem, so often students ask custom writing companies to assist them on how to write a reflective essay properly.

Main Components of a Reflective Essay

Due to its nature, any reflection essay needs to have 3 components in its content: set of features, thoughts and feelings.

  1. 1. Features

The set of features forms a description of what is being reviewed by the writer. Obviously, the reflection is closely connected to something, what caused it. The description needs to be clear and detailed. A reflective essay is not of the kind, when you need to write vividly and dynamically. You should do the opposite: explain slowly and in details in order to create a picture in mind of your reader.

  1. 2. Thoughts

An analytic nature of a reflective essay is represented by the thoughts of its writer. Even if the subject is the same (the description will be pretty much similar), the thoughts of every person will be different on it. A student is required to include his thoughts on the issue or on the events happening.

  1. 3. Feelings

Feelings make up an emotional aspect of a reflective essay. Surely, some actions cause emotions and if you are writing a reflective essay, you should not hide your feelings. The description of your feelings makes your reflective essay fresh and extra-ordinary. The feelings also create a certain intimacy and closeness between you and your reader. This contributes to a good impression from the essay.

The Order of Writing

Most of the reflective essays deal with the certain plot. If you are writing about events, you should keep a certain order. Here are the 3 main models to structure the information of your reflective essay.

  1. 1. Chronological Order

You can start from the beginning. Although it is a common way of writing, it is still effective enough. Chronological order of facts and actions makes the essay less impressive, but it helps to avoid any logical confusions.

  1. 2. Reverse Order

Depending on what you will write your reflective essay about, you can also use the reverse model of writing. This means that you start from the present events and go to the past ones. This helps to create an intrigue to certain extend and make a reader make suppositions.

  1. 3. The Flashbacks

This is an extraordinary way of writing of a reflective essay. It requires well-developed writing skills, but if accomplished well – it is the most impressive and interesting. In fact, you start with the most important moment (from climax) and then with the help of flashbacks you describe the situation together with reflections on it.

Important Things to Note

If you want to know how to write a reflective essay, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Do not avoid details. They are the most important things for the well-done reflective essay.
  • Do not concentrate your attention on the plot. It is secondary, as your impressions and feelings are the main.
  • Try to perform a fresh personal analysis, not the one taken from some sources dealing with your topic.

How to Write an A+ Reflective Essay?

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