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How to write a scholarship essay: steps to success

Usually one of the scholarship application requirements is writing an essay, which is to tell about your personal experience, matters for applying, or future plans. As the aim of every participant is winning this paper is the way you can convince that you are the one to get an award.

We have prepared some writing tips for a successful scholarship essay:

  • A goal: the first thing is to state clearly what goal you are going to achieve. Remember that scholarship is just a gate to the things you can make with its help: conduct a research, create an innovative project, obtain the knowledge you would not be able to get without the grant you are applying for.
  • Reasons: provide the reason why you are the best candidate for receiving the scholarship. Do not just say that you are a responsible and hard-working person but prove it with your previous achievements.
  • Write about yourself: remember that you are the main hero of your story. Do not write a lot about how grateful you are to your teachers or parents. It is a better idea to state your personal accomplishments without lessening and exaggerating of them. For this reason you should avoid passive constructions, use the active form of verb in your sentences and first person for narration.
  • True facts: all the information given in the essay is easy to check. That is why make sure it is truthful.
  • Achievements in other fields: show that your activity is versatile. Tell about your attainments not only in the field you are applying for but also say a word about your hobbies and interests. No doubts, it is beneficial if you are good at sports, music or any other field.
  • Volunteering work: a worthy point to tell about is volunteering and charity. Be sure to focus reader’s attention on it if you were involved to any charitable foundations.
  • Brevity: Follow the word count required but try to be as concise as possible. The committee members are reading a number of essays every day and your conciseness will be appreciated. Brevity is the soul of wit.
  • Less is more: avoid abstraction and philosophic reflections. Indicate only the aspects that matter.
  • Proofread and edit: this part is really important. Your revising work should have few stages: read paper right after writing and fix the issues you find. Also, you should re-read the essay a day or two later; you may have some new ideas about modifying it and may notice some mistakes you have not seen previously.
  • Teacher’s help: ask your teacher or a friend you can rely on to read your paper to make sure it is alright. This is how you can learn the reaction of other people on it and can fix the rough places.
  • Style: check how your writing flows. Make sure the parts are logically and grammatically connected. Do not forget about transitions and punctuation. You may use some manual or guidebook to consult.

Make sure you give yourself enough time for this task as it is quite consuming.

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