How to write a term paper successfully?

A term paper is defined as concise paper supported by documents, which has a reasonable length and requires the student to identify, analyze, interpret and make conclusions about particular facts, theories and opinions. If your task is to write a term paper you should obtain information from the different sources, such as reference books, journals, articles, newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias and so on. When elaborating the sources you should select the suitable ideas for your paper and highlight them, later you may use them as citation in your term paper. In our article you will be able to find more tips on each writing step to the successful term paper.

Step 1. Choose a subject.

  • The subject you select for the term paper must possess several features:

-          it should be interesting for you;

-          the subject has to be appropriate for you discipline;

-          it should be neither too broad nor too narrow;

-          you must be able to manage it in time frames given and according the word  count required;

-          the subject should be adequately  studied before you and covered in books, articles, journals.

-          Sometimes the subject is given by the instructor. In such cases you must understand the assignment fully and if you do not ask the clarification from your professor.

Step 2. Narrowing the subject into topic for the term paper.

  • Limit the scope of your subject – you must choose only one facet to discuss and investigate in your paper.
  • Firstly, we recommend you to get acquainted with the background information of your topic and read some general sources. This will let you learn specific terms and phrases.

Step 3. Identify your purpose.

  • Once the topic is selected and you are familiar with the background information you should develop a thesis statement. In other words, you must state the purpose of your research and writing.
  • You are developing your central point in advance, however, do not hesitate to modify or improve it when the paper is completed and you have a clearer image of it, in general.

Step 4. Elaborating the sources.

  • In order to gather enough information for supporting your arguments and position you should work on the sources properly: mark the most important paragraphs, highlight the quotations and summarize the plot of the lengthy passages if needed.
  • Also, we recommend you to make a preliminary bibliography page, which will include all necessary details for referencing the paper.

Step 5. Prepare an outline.

  • This stage requires you to look at your notes with special care and group them into different categories and subcategories.
  • After you have divided all the information appropriately you should order the sections in the most effective way, in your opinion.
  • You may start your argumentation with the strongest or the brightest judgment and continue with the less important ones.

Step 6. Writing a draft.

  • Use your outline for organizing the structure and your notes as a guide for writing a final draft of the term paper.
  • Remember to include an introduction and a conclusion as a frame of your discussion, while discussion itself should be presented in the main body of the paper.


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