How to write a thesis for a research paper?

When you are working on the research paper you should dedicate special attention to developing the thesis statement as it is the component, which unites the entire paper into the one coherent whole. In fact, a thesis of the research paper has similar features to any non-research work. The main requirement is that thesis statement is your personal position and for the research paper you have to collect information and evidence from relevant sources by yourself in order to support your claim. Our article is about ways for developing a strong thesis statement and its basic characteristics.

  1. 1.       What is the thesis statement?
  • The good thesis provides an argumentative claim about the topic. In other words, it presents the conclusions which you have got about the topic.
  • Shapes the reader’s expectations about the purpose of research, the directions of it and its scope.
  • The thesis statement is narrow enough for being proved in the frames of the research paper.
  • Usually the thesis is located in the end of introduction. If the paper is lengthy it can take some sentences or a paragraph.
  •  The connections between the pieces of evidence should be revealed in the thesis statement.
  • Sometimes the papers do not need the thesis statement. Check your instructor’s requirements regarding this question.
  1. 2.       Before you begin.
  • Check the assignment carefully and clarify what you are asked to do.
  • Look for the key concepts in the assignment and make sure that you understand their meaning.
  • Choose the focus of the topic you want to write about. It is not possible to write about the entire topic because the paper will be too general and you will not uncover all the necessary points. Instead, you should select one facet and elaborate it properly.
  • Consider if your topic is significant enough for spending time and efforts on it.
  1. 3.       Finding your point.
  • It is necessary to derive the main point from your topic. This will be your controlling idea that will tie up the whole work together.
  • The main point, also, should relate all sub-theses.
  • In order to determine your main point you should find the necessary patterns in the evidence and compose a statement of your research purpose.
  1. 4.       Drafting the thesis.
  • If you experience difficulties with writing a perfect thesis statement you should start with its draft. First of all, state the purpose of your research and later you will be able to re-format it into the thesis.
  • In case your task is in the form of question you should develop an assertion from it with your reasons of agreements or disagreement.
  • Create a summarizing sentence that reflects the findings and results, which you have reached.
  • List the points that you are going to include and group them under different categories.
  • Remember that at the beginning the thesis is more a planning tool and helps to organize your paper. Sometimes in order to keep the paper cohesive you will need to remove some ideas or shorten them.
  1. 5.       Revising the thesis statement.
  • After the paper is completed it is time to refine your thesis as it first has been more an organizing tool than a position statement.
  • Check your arguments and all other sections carefully and make sure that your thesis corresponds to them. In case you need to remove or add any points – do not hesitate to do so.

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