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How to write an application essay?

If your task is to complete a successful application essay the first thing that you should remember is that you need to understand the requirements of the program perfectly and meet them in your paper. Also, we recommend you to let someone who is familiar with this kind of papers re-read your essay. Here you can find the basic guidelines, following of which will provide you with proper results. However, you should remember that instructions and requirements to the applications usually vary a lot, which is why your first step is to check the ones you received.

  1. 1. Important points to consider.
  • You should write in the first person. The essay and application is about you and a field you are going to study.
  • You should not write about all your accomplishments but select those ones, which are the most essential in the desired area of study and the most recent ones. The achievements gained long ago may look naïve in your application essay.
  • Your essay must not exceed the specified words count. If it is not required do not make it longer than 2 pages.
  • Highlight the points you want to be noticed by the judges and explain their significance.
  • If some of your records are weak you should provide a thoughtful explanation for the committee. Make it look as an experience which has taught you something valuable that is helpful for building your future academic career.
  • The application essays are personal by their nature. Thus, you have to connect your personal experiences with the goals and the requirements of the program.
  • Sometimes you can include something original in your paper in order to stand out. However, make sure that it fits the required format of the admission.
  • We recommend you to use standard structure with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. It should reflect your goals, achievements as arguments and conclude with the statement why you are worth winning the program.
  1. 2. Tips on writing the application essay.
  • Before you start the writing process you should remember the rule –“less is more”. Conciseness is exceptionally important in the case of application essay. Put as much sense in your words as possible; do not include abstract passages and unnecessary information.
  • Do not make bear statements. Each of them should be supported with an example or proper explanation.
  • Tell what inspires your interest. Let the reader understand how and why it happens with the number of interesting details.
  • Respect your reader: make your essay an interesting and easy piece to read. Avoid too sophisticated patterns because your task here is to provide the logical and reasonable arguments for your application.
  • Make sure that you fully understand and follow instructions.
  • Highlight those experiences which are really relevant to your aim. Additional achievements may make your story too expanded and blurred.
  • Re-read your paper several times. It is truly important for your future career; therefore, do not let small spelling, grammar or punctuation errors spoil the impression about you.
  • Give your essay to your friend and teacher. Their look can be fresh and able to reveal weak sides of the writing.


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