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How to write an argument essay: main stages.

The argumentative paper is one of the most common writing assignments at high school, college or university. In order to write it efficiently you should include the elements, which will convince the reader in the validity of your position. Therefore, we can define the function of the argumentative writing is persuasive. To make your essay work you should divide the writing process into several stages. Here you can find a brief guide to all of them.

Stage 1. Preparation.

  • Choose an appropriate topic. Make sure your subject of writing is representative for conflicting points of you as you have to select a position and create or find the arguments to defend it.
  • The topic you select should be interesting for you as this is the only way to make it exciting for the readers as well.
  • Think about the aspects you can tell about in your paper. Ensure your topic is not too broad so you can cover it entirely and it is not too narrow so that you do not concentrate on the same points for too long.

Stage 2. Selecting a position.

  • After the topic is chosen and formulated you should list the spots to view on your topic with. They should cover both sides of the argument.
  • When the list is made you have to pick a side, which you would like to support. The position you choose should be understandable for you enough in order to prove its validity.
  • Think about the strong argument for each side as you will need them both: ones to defend your point and others to use as counterarguments.

Stage 3. Work on the evidence.

  • Argumentative writing involves proving the opinion with the help of evidence. This is the best working tool in persuading a reader.
  • Make sure your argument is not too emotional and fair regarding both sides.
  • Evidence can be expressed as an example, statistics data, facts, quotations from the sources you worked with.

Stage 4. Writing.

  • After you have undergone a solid preparing stage writing will not seem so challenging to you. As you have already arranged your arguments, counterarguments and evidences. The thing which left is to organize them into one textual unit.
  • The 5 paragraph structure is quite convenient for the argumentative type of writing.
  • The introductory part should contain a brief explanation of your theme; provide background information so the reader will understand the place and role of the argument in the context.
  • The last part of the introduction is traditionally a thesis statement. In the argument essay it should be a claim of your position regarding a particular controversial issue.

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