How to Write an Essay: Few Steps Forward to Successful Paper

In general, essay is a piece of writing which allows eliminating some particular issue or topic. For this reason, an ability to complete this type of paper takes one of the crucial places in educational process. The article reveals the basic steps of the essay creating process.

Step 1.Look into the topic.

• Make a good research in your subject of writing. You may surf the Internet, go to your local or university library, or check its online catalog.

• Sources. Keep in mind that often professors require the exact number of sources. Figure out whether you need primary or secondary sources, if you are allowed to use internet resources.

• Check which citing style you are expected to work with. Make notes about all necessary details you will need for referencing your paper. You should pay attention to author’s name (there may be more than one), date of publication, pagination, title, volume number, publishing house, place of publishing, or URL address if you are citing electronic resources.

• Mind the facts, which do not support but contradict your idea. The essay will be strong only if it is able to resist opposing opinions.

Step 2. Assess good papers about the topic.

• You may check online some works already written about your topic or the ones which are close to it. Note the features you like, dislike, and remember after reading them. Think of why the author is convincing in his writing.

• Nevertheless, do not forget that plagiarizing is prohibited and the more original and creative your essay is the more valuable it is for reader.

Step 3. Brainstorming.

• Try to think of as many ideas as possible that touch upon your subject of research and write them down. After that choose the most characteristic and attractive ones, which you will be able to describe fully.

• Do not be afraid to share your thoughts with friends or family. Outside view can be really helpful in cases you are not sure about the choice.

Step 4. Decide on your thesis statement.

• A thesis statement is the central concept you are proving in your paper. That is why it should be the most solid of your ideas about the topic, so you can bring strong arguments and evidences to support it.

• Summing up what you want to say is the goal of every thesis statement. Make sure that it clearly embodies your understanding of the problem.

Step 5. The writing process.

• Confirm that you are familiar with a typical structure of the essay: introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion.

• You may start writing with the main body of the paper and end up with introduction and conclusion, which usually present the same information but restated and paraphrased. Remember that in introduction you should better move from general to specific and conclusion starts with specific and goes back to general. This makes paper look like a circle and means it is completed.

• Dedicate some of your time to the first and the last sentences in the paper. These are the points which catch eyes and usually are memorized by the reader.

Step 6. Proofreading.

• Re-read your essay and check for mistakes. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be on the appropriate level.

• If you are uncertain of some points you can always consult dictionary, manual, or a style book. Fortunately, nowadays all of them are available online.

• The flow of the essay: sentences should be connected logically and grammatically.

This is a basic guide for writing an essay that can be applied for any type of it and will certainly help you to structure your writing work.

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