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How to Write an Essay on Criticism Analysis Properly?

Evaluation and expressing subjective views on a particular work are the main aims of the critical analysis. However, the reader plays an essential role in critical essays: by learning how a movie, book, painting or any other piece is assessed, he or she can develop own opinion about it, agreeing or disagreeing with the author. The important requirement to this interrelation is that both the writer and the audience is well acknowledged about the work discussed. Except for this, the number of rules for proper critical analysis completion exists.

Rule 1. Start with critical reading.

  • Never do critical analysis of the critical analysis. The information age that we live in grants the precious opportunity to access any information we need. Therefore, you should spend some time on reading the book or article, viewing the painting or watching the video, which you are to evaluate.
  • Critical reading is defined as evaluating the primary source of analysis. Hence, do not write your paper basing on only the reviews and shorten descriptions, which you can easily find online.

Rule 2. Analyzing steps.

  • To begin with, you should clarify what analysis is. There are two processes, typically used in academic and research work: a synthesis and analysis.
  • Analysis means divided the subject into minimal parts and explaining their roles and interrelations.
  • Find the writer’s thesis, his or her major views expressed in the paper, and clarify what the purpose of writing is.
  • If there are any terms, which are not familiar to you, spend some time for research: check the relevant dictionaries, encyclopedias and online sources.
  • Analyze the structure: correlate the part of the work with the ideas expressed. Think why the author has selected a particular form for explicating his thoughts.

Rule 3. Critical writing.

  • We recommend you to start the writing process with completing an outline for your paper. It will keep the essay’s structure organized and full.
  • Summarize the work if you are criticizing the book, novel, article or movie. Provide a general description if your topic is a painting or a piece of music.
  • Consider the writer’s purpose of writing and the tools, which are used to pursue it.
  • If the writer wants to inform the recipient he or she will provide material in a particular order and with accuracy.
  • Logical reasoning, evidence and argumentation will be used if the author would like to persuade the audience.
  • If the aim is entertainment the author will appeal to the recipient’s feelings and emotions.

More tips on critical analysis essay:

  1. Do not focus on your thoughts but on the subject itself. This is why you should avoid such patterns that express personal opinion as “I think”, “To my mind”, “In my opinion”. Note that they make the paper quite simplistic. Write as you are an expert in the required field.
  2. Do not forget to introduce your subject of writing. Indicate its author, full name and other basic features. Also, do not forget about a short summary.
  3. Remember that your primary purpose is to evaluate: assess how worthy, innovative, useful and truthful the work is.

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