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How to Write an Essay on My College Application?

An essay is one of the basic requirements in college applications. The point is that a committee is willing to learn about your personal features, except for your academic achievements and results in test. Therefore, you are given a chance to reveal all your best qualities in writing and complete an admission essay. Although you are given certain rules of how you are expected to write, to a large extent, you are free enough to create a lasting impression on your assessors. Find some tips how to make your essay successful in our article.

Write a story.

  • If the admission essay had the second name it would definitely be “narration”. Telling a story is what you need to do as narrative is the most readable genre from all the writings.
  • Remember that the story you tell is mainly about you and all the achievements that you write about belong to you, not your friends, teachers or parents, although they might have helped a lot.
  • Try to think what the good stories of yours are, which would be interesting for the reader. Be specific and avoid generic words, this will help your essay to stand out of the number of others.
  • If you have hard times with finding out what your story is try to make a list of your major achievements and reveal the connections between them. Look at your accomplishments from a general perspective and try not to separate one from another but see them as one long way, which brought you to the point you are at.
  • Do not skip the fails if you had ones. A bad experience is an experience, as well, which is why you should accept it as a lesson and tell what you have learned from it.

Arguments and evidence.

  • Even though you are writing a story, you should remember that your initial aim is getting admission to a college study that can happen after you prove that you worth it.
  • For this reason, your story must be built on arguments supported by pieces of evidence.
  • The formal structure of your narrative can be following:
  • Thesis statement: “I am the one to get the scholarship/ grant/ be a student of college.”
  • Argument 1, 2, 3 “why I am worth it” + evidence 1, 2, 3 that demonstrates your argument.
  • There is a range of patterns, which you can use as evidence, but the most suitable ones for application essay, in our opinion, are examples from real life and facts. You may use quotations in here as well, but they will serve as a language figure more than the argumentation support.

Meeting the instructions.

  • Our last but not the least important piece of advice is that your essay corresponds to the requirements given.
  • Study the instructions with special attention, we even recommend to re-read them several times in order to know for sure:
  • the fonts, size, margins you are expected to use;
  • the number of words required;
  • if there is a special structure needed;
  • if you should attach any additional materials.
  • Remember that failing to meet the requirements given can often make your essay not applicable.

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