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How to Write an Essay Outline: Importance and 4 Main Principles

How to Write an Essay Outline Logically: 4 Principles of Writing

An essay outline is often requested by professors to be submitted with the essay text. However, even if you are not required to show your outline, you should still better write it before you start working on your first draft. Check why it is so important to know how to write an essay outline well.

Importance of an Essay Outline

An outline is an inherent stage of writing a perfect essay.

1. It Helps to Organize Thoughts

You write an outline after you have read the sources and investigated the issue you will be writing about. Thus, it helps you to organize the material you have found and define what you will write about.

2. It Helps to Define the Essay`s Structure

The outline has the short titles for ideas stated in the order they will appear in the text. Therefore, you will follow these points while writing and you will never get stuck not knowing what to write about next. Each title needs to refer to at least one paragraph of your essay.

3. It Helps the Reader to Get the Information

If your outline has been submitted with your essay, this makes your writing clearer for your reader. He can:

A. Check What Your Paper Is about Fast

Indeed, your outline presents the main points of your essay. Thus, if one wants to know whether to read your paper, he can simply check on your outline.

B. Find the Necessary Information

If your reader is interested in some particular issue, he will be able to find it easily having checked your outline. If you have specified the number of pages where the parts start, this will make even easier to find the necessary information for a certain person.

How to Write an Essay Outline: 4 Main Principles

The perfect outline should be written, taking as a basis the following 4 main principles of logical building:

1. Coordination

The titles of the same level should have the same value. This means, that your levels of division should be parallel in their significance.

2. Subordination

The more general issues will have the higher level in outline and the minor ones will be in the lower level.

3. Parallelism

This means that your titles should be of the same type. If you have started your outline point from a noun, this means that the following ones should also start with a noun etc.

4. Division

If you started to divide a specific point, this means, that it should have not less than two points: there should not be 1 without 2, A without B etc.


Help with Outline Assignments

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