How to write scholarship essays: tips and tricks.

If you check the requirements for different scholarships you will find out that all of them have an essay as an obligatory part. The reason for it is that the essay can show the personality of the applicant, reveal his reasons for applying and getting the scholarship, ways how he or she can benefit to a college and what the education will bring to him. Our article will provide you with the basic writing strategy for scholarship essays and the ways to attract the committee’s attention.

Step 1. Before you begin.

  • The first thing you must do before beginning the work is reading the assignment and requirements several times and make sure that you understand what you are asked to do.
  • Identify the core themes and concepts in the essay’s thesis. Think how you can develop them and apply for your personal experience.
  • Make sure that you understand the meaning of the identified concepts and which influences they involve. Try to bring depth in understanding of every concept and be able to present it with effective examples.
  • Once you have found the main accents of the scholarship essay’s thesis find synonyms to them and include them in different parts of your paper.

Step 2. Introducing your essay.

  • In order to complete an engaging introduction for the scholarship essay we recommend you to include the statement related to the program you applying and which you will be able to connect with the main body of your paper.
  • Do your best to demonstrate broad knowledge of your subject as this will help you to persuade the committee in your ability to contribute to the field.
  • One of the things that will help you to write a successful paper is a proper understanding the criteria which you will be judged upon. Usually the committee evaluates the applicant’s leadership abilities and benefit for community.

Step 3. Writing the essay.

  • Two main points should be addressed throughout your essay: your leadership qualities and the impact of your results on community.
  • In order to present yourself as a leader you should indicate your accomplishments, which matter for the current goal – getting the scholarship. Think about the achievements you have made which deal with your personal and educational development.
  • Tell the reader a story that will include your goal, obstacles, which you faced, your way to success and the results you gained. Try to make your writing exciting; do not just name your achievements.
  • In case you had some unpleasant or unsuccessful situations you may write about them too. Here your task will be to tell about the lesson you have received from them and how it changed you.
  • The judges are probably looking for the person able to take active part in the community activities. Thus, you should demonstrate your readiness and experience in this field.
  • Write why participation in this kind of activity is important to you, how it can benefit others and what changes your actions bring to this sphere. Upon this information your ability to benefit the educational institution and the field in general will be judged by the committee.

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