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Descriptive Essay

Basically, a descriptive essay refers to a writing that is based on descriptions of a given topic. A descriptive essay will therefore offer a good platform for the writer to reflect their feelings on the topic without exaggeration. Anytime in a descriptive essay, the author will tend to describe events, occurrences and persons by formatting the content into an introduction, body and conclusion all centered on a specified theme.

Easy Descriptive Essay Topics

Essentially, easy descriptive essay topics can be hard to come up with since they demand acuteness in the level of creativity. Therefore, it is advised that the topic itself should be descriptive as opposed to being purely factual or concrete. Hence to come up with them, use encompassing topics and headlines such as; A Text I will never Delete, He who Pays the Pauper Calls the Tune, The Beginning of an End and other descriptive ones.

Ideas for a Descriptive Essay

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What kind of ideas for a descriptive essay could be found?

Basically, the best idea for a descriptive essay is to offer visualization. This is because a descriptive essay is based more of ’show’’ than on ’tell’’. For instance in the sentence, ’the glowing sun disappeared like a dimly glowing lantern.’’ The same sentence when used in the ’tell’’ form, it would appear ’the sun set at dusk’’. Therefore, one idea of a descriptive essay would be to inject visual prospects as opposed to just telling the story.

The other idea is to capture the interest of the reader. It tends to spur excitement and humor in the content by considering the reader’s preferences. And to make the essay more appealing, the author injects humor by considering what is great for the audience and also through the use of words and descriptions that best piques the interest of the reader.

The final idea is that you should make it either subjective (personal) or objective (factual and concrete). In a descriptive essay, presenting a purely objective writing can be difficult as you may want to meet the above idea of attracting humor in the essay. Conversely, subjectivity in the essay can be reduced through the inclusion of more objective factors such as color, size, distance and shape by exhausting them long before injecting personal feelings, opinions and emotions.

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