Ideas for sociology paper

Sociology writing requires from the student some special skills, such as developing arguments based on the evidence and performing the academic style, which is quite distinct in sociology writing. One more important point is finding a proper topic that is interesting for you and readers. With both tasks we will help you in our article.

Guidelines for sociology writing.

Academic writing tips for sociology paper.

  • Although sociology usually discusses the phenomena, which are very familiar for you, it reviews them from the scientific point, which is why uses technical vocabulary.
  • For the same reason (studying the things that are very close to daily life), you will often feel like writing about them in informal or emotional manner. However, you must remember that you are completing an academic writing piece and follow the relevant rules.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns even if you are really passionate about your topic.
  • Make sure that your language patterns are precise and be accurate with the data that you use.
    1. Developing arguments.
  • There are two main parts of the paper that must focus maximum attention on the topic – these are an introduction and conclusion.
  • To make sure that your introduction is about represents the same argumentation with your paper’s body you can complete it at the very end of your writing process.
  • If your paper will present some significant term you should mention them in the introduction.
  • Depending on which level of sociology studying you are, your task in paper’s conclusion will differ. If you have just started working in this field you may just some up all the points but if you have some experience in this sphere you are expected to provide the recommendations and pieces of advice.

Supporting evidence.

  • Each your statement must be defended by the pieces of evidence. However, not all the information is suitable for this purpose.
  • Make sure that the data, which you use as evidence, is not biased or prejudiced.
  • Try to put aside the opinions that re considered usual and normal and to take a fresh look on the issue, which you are studying. This will allow you to make scientific and true observations and conclusions.

Topic ideas for sociology paper.

Topics about social movements.

  • Men’s movement: perspectives.
  • Men’s culture.
  • Feminist’s and men’s movement.
  • Social ground of masculinity.
  • Social basics of being a father. 
  • Men supporting feminism.
  • Transnational movement.
  • The culture of hippies.
  • The history of pro-life movement.
  • Catholic religion and politics.
  • Christian rights and democratic values.
  • Being a citizen of modern Europe as a representative of transnational ideas.

Topics about discrimination.

  • Discrimination at home.
  • Lynching.
  • Discrimination on gender basis.
  • Sport discrimination.
  • Discrimination on age basis on the workplace.
  • Ageism.
  • Methods of resisting age discrimination.
  • Age discrimination in various professions.
  • Race discrimination in sports.
  • Prejudice, its meaning, types and influence.
  • Women discrimination at work.
  • The laws that regulate workplace discrimination.
  • Stereotypes leading to sex discrimination.
  • Violence and gender workplace discrimination.

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