It is very important to define your personal strengths weaknesses

In almost every interview, interviewers ask about your personal strength and weaknesses directly or indirectly. With these questions hiring manager tries to determine if your personal strengths weaknesses are up to the mark for the job or not.

Sometime you may need to write a complete an essay about yourself in interview. If you know what your personal strengths weaknesses are and what good you can do with them you it will give you a positive response in your interview. If you know what are your weaknesses than also do not hide them but write about it with all the action that you are taking to eliminate those weaknesses and make them your strength. In any interview if you will candidly talk about your personal strengths and weaknesses essay with your action plan against weakness, hiring manager will definitely give your preference compare to those who just wrote about their strength and nothing or very little about their weaknesses.

Personal strengths and weaknesses essay is important when applying for a job

Similarly if you are a student or trying to take admission in any college you might need to write personal strengths and weaknesses essay for it. They ask you to do this just to cross check if you can really do well in those specific studies.

Every person may have different personal strength and weaknesses so if you are not sure what are yours, then you can take help from your friends, teacher, family or you may even visit a consultant. Some time it happens that when you try to analyze yourself you just find only weaknesses or only strengths in yourself, in this kind of condition do remember every individual who is living on this earth have weaknesses and strengths both. If you can't see weaknesses in yourself that means you are in love with yourself and you are just over rating yourself. If you find no strengths in yourself than you are highly under rating yourself, you do have lot of strengths as any other human being only thing is that you are not able to identify them but if you will try bit further you will find it.

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