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Create a Successful Job Application

A job application has different forms, such as resume, CV and cover letter. Also, it includes interviewing as the second step of applying process. There are interviews held by human resources departments or in the formats of a technical interview, test, questionnaire and others depending on what kind of job you are applying to. In case you are asked to attach a “job essay” to your application, you will most likely need to write a cover letter which should reveal such aspects as your motivations, reasons for applying to this job, your hard and soft skills, languages that you speak and so on.

Which Format Should You Use?

  • In fact, job essay is a letter which you are sending to your possible employer together with your CV or application form.
  • Here are the basic details which must be indicated in the business letter: the applicant’s return address, the address of the company or their human resources department, which you are applying to, and the date.
  • We recommend that you begin your letter with a phrase “dear sir or madam” in case you don’t know the recipient’s name. However, learning the name and indicating it in the salutation will work better.
  • Typically, cover or business letter is closed with such phrases as “warm regards”, “best wishes” or “faithfully/sincerely yours”.

Formal Language

  • As the job essay is usually written for business purposes, it should be written in appropriate language and manner.
  • Make sure that you do not use slang, jargon or abbreviations. Your writing voice should sound friendly but still remember that this is not a letter to a friend.
  • Do not be too familiar with the recipient. Using pronouns of the second person is not recommended in this form of writing.

Writing resume

Be Precise and Concise

  • Preciseness can be achieved by the means of using meaningful and suitable words. Do not try to impress the reader with the complex constructions and metaphors but write exactly what you mean.
  • When you start writing your essay, remember that the human resources department of the company where you desire to get a job is getting a number of them daily. Therefore, you should try to make your letter outstanding. This can be attained by describing those special skills that only you possess. However, make sure that those skills are required in the job you apply.
  • Conciseness is your key to success. Save your time and the time of your reader by indicating only the necessary points. Assure that the things, which you write down, correspond to the requirements of the employer.

Show Your Skills and Energy

  • When you are telling about your previous experience, indicate the exact places of work and your responsibilities there.
  • Do not exaggerate and do not provide invalid information, as all false points can be easily revealed during the interview.
  • Show that you have enough physical, mental, and emotional energy to perform the work which you apply to. In fact, this is what they are looking for. Hence, try to prove that you are a fast learning and a goal oriented person that is willing to do his or her best for own self-development and the company’s success.

What You Should Definitely Forget About

Office Workers

As we have made out what you can write in your application in order to be sure of your successful employment, let’s have a look at those things for which there is never any place on the sheet paper you have taken. You see, your application can be really great but some piece of information, which you personally consider insignificant, may reveal some qualities of yours that an employer doesn’t need at all. What is more, the very fact that you mention something you actually shouldn’t mention is likely to make your potential employer decide not in your favor.

So, the points below (which have been found in real job applications, by the way) can never be included into your paper unless you are forced to write an official paper for the job you see in your nightmares.

Remark by Default: No Mistakes

Despite the fact that such advice is obvious and that your writing flawlessness is something that literally goes without saying, you might simply miss an apostrophe where it must be, or the sequence of numbers when typing a year (your employer will definitely be suspicious if he/she sees that the year of your graduation is 2061 and not 2016).

Don’t Mention Health Problems

Sometimes, the set of the papers you must provide to an employer can include a health certificate. So, in case an HR manager, or whoever is going to interview you, needs to know about your state of health, he or she can learn all information from this document. However, if now you are safe and sound, then there is no sense to tell your employer and remind yourself about past problems.

No Explanations Why You Left the Previous Job(s)

Whatever your working experience is, you should remember that it is really valuable. So, you can easily include your volunteering and part-time jobs into the application following the chronological sequence. Nevertheless, you should never give reasons why you stopped doing good things with your team of volunteers or quitted your job at the local cafe. They aren’t interesting for any, so just put up with it.

Avoid Providing Fake Information

Don’t try to seem better than you really are by telling or writing things which aren’t true about you. Instead of inventing stories which can threat your future in the company, you’d better focus on your real achievements and experience. However, stay reasonable: don’t mention your primary school awards or other things which hardly concern the occupation you are applying for.

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