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The modern world has become so integrated that in order to succeed in the professional sphere, and sometimes in the personal one, it is necessary to go beyond one culture (one tongue) and comprehend several at once.

It is not always possible to rely on the knowledge of English, because it ceases to meet all the newest requirements.

A study conducted by the Confederation of British Industry has determined the mastering of the following languages as a skill through which you will provide a prosperous standard of living to yourself.


French is called the tongue of love and one often underestimates its importance in terms of business. But in fact, it was French for a long time that was the dominant language in Europe, while English did not take the palm. But even so, French remains the tongue spoken by exactly half of the Internet and two countries that are members of the G-8. So, if you want to enter the European market, say "oui" ("yes") to French.


The largest companies in the world, including Chrysler, Citibank, General Electric, IBM, Motorola and many others, have long established their offices in Italy and are pleased with the opportunities that they have got through this. You cannot do without knowledge of Italian if you are engaged in such areas as cooking, fashion, interior and landscape design, graphic design, construction and transport equipment, so start learning Italian right now.


With a GDP of 2,4 trillion euros, Germany remains the largest economy in Europe, with almost no impact on the part of the economic crisis. And although German is not one of the official tongues of the United Nations, it is the language spoken by default in the three largest economic zones in Europe. On the basis of this, employers prefer to hire employees who know this straightforward and, as it may seem, "hard" language.


The economy of China is the second largest in the world and at the same time the most dynamic in terms of growth, so it is not surprising that far-sighted British made the study of Chinese mandatory at some schools as early as 2006. Knowledge of Chinese as a paragraph in the resume will force the recruiter to raise an eyebrow and make a decision in your favor, and in the future, it guarantees you great opportunities for doing business with Asian countries.


Spanish is the official tongue in over 20 (!) countries of the world, which makes it an ideal language for business at the international level and especially in the US (given that the number of Hispanics is 12,4% of the inhabitants of this country). To date, 37% of employers claims the demand for Spanish in their companies. Hence, one is tempted to suggest: you want to earn more money – start studying Spanish without delay.


Most recently, Brazil has displaced Britain from the 6th place in the world's largest economies. And, given many circumstances that draw attention to this country, it is obvious that all the attention in the near future will be drawn to this nation speaking the Portuguese language.


Although it is believed that this is an extremely difficult tongue to learn (it has 3 alphabetic systems!), knowledge of Japanese is a must-have if you intend to succeed in the field of robotics of innovative electronics.


If you still do not know a single word of the Russian tongue, then it is worth starting to study it. Because, as the data of trade and investment analysts show, the Russian Federation is the fastest growing export market for many European countries.


There are 300 million Arabic speakers around the world, and this is definitely the language you need to learn if you work in the oil or defense industry. The gross domestic product of the Arab world has come close to $600 billion, so knowledge of such a popular tongue will make your resume popular as well.


Czech belongs to the five languages, which, as European managers note, they have to face in organizations the most. The Czech Republic is one of the few countries in the European Union that has avoided recession during the global economic crisis, so business ties with it extend far both to the east and to the west.


Turkish is attractive primarily due to the fact that the communities of those who speak it took the main strategically important positions in the Balkans, the Caucasus and Western Europe (for example, in Germany, Turkish is the second most widely spoken language). Thus, knowledge of Turkish will be an advantage for those who plan to engage in business or politics in these regions.

As you can see, you have a huge choice and you can choose a tongue for studying according to your taste and current needs.

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