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“Love”: writing paper tips and topics.

Love is a notion with numerous meanings, which is why you cannot find just one definition about it. Almost every sphere of knowledge gives its specific explanation for this term using its own means. For example, chemistry would define it as a chemical process, biology – as physical or psychological course of action and psychology – as an array of feelings. What you need to do is just to select the appropriate facet of the topic “love” and narrow the focus. Here are some tips on writing a good essay about love.

Type of essay needed.

  • The types of essays that you can write about love also vary greatly. Mostly, this point depends on your purpose or the task given by the tutor.
  • Definition essay on love: this type of writing will require you to develop your own definition of the term and explain each component of it providing reasonable arguments.
  • Argumentative essay about love: here you are supposed to state your personal position regarding a particular issue and prove it with valid arguments followed with the supporting details and examples. You may choose to discuss some social or psychological matter for this kind of writing.
  • Analysis essay: it requires the writer to divide the subject into small parts and explain connections and value of each. If you are to write the analytical paper you may choose some literature work about love to analyze.
  • Compare and contrast essay: this type of paper entails finding similar and distinctive points of two subjects. For example, you can compare views on love in various cultures, countries, ages or arts.
  • Description essay: it is definitely hard to describe love as it is mostly an abstract notion but, without doubts, you can describe people in love and their special state. You can provide your general observations about people, on the whole, or write about the particular person.
  • Philosophy paper: Since love is an abstract concept, involving different elements and factors, it can be a good subject for the philosophy paper. Be sure to find the definitions of love in works of the ancient philosophers, like Plato and Aristotle, and compare them to the ones, which you can observe in philosophy of 18th and 19th century.
  • Psychological paper: Psychology discusses love, its causes and effects on the sensual level so you can find some subjects to focus on here too.
  • Exposition essay: This type of paper requires you to explain a certain notion or conception. The main function of it is providing information.

Topic ideas for essay about love.

  • Love as a universal feeling.
  • Love and piece: are these terms connected?
  • Egoism and altruism: how can these conceptions be harmful?
  • Love as a basis of human relationships.
  • Absolute love as one of meaning of God in Christianity.
  • Love and hatred: comparative analysis.
  • Love in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.
  • Stereotypes about love: should they be ruined?
  • Love prejudices on the basis of age, sex and race.
  • Love as an essential component of marriage.
  • Is love an important constituent of family?


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