Making a Table: Add to Your Essay`s Clarity

Adding tables is a universal technique, which can be applied for practically any type of paper and on any subject. Tables make your point clearer and more interesting, because your reader switches the way of getting the information from the simple text reading to the analysis of the graphical elements. Table is usually associated with statistics or some technical subjects, but you can be sure that it will improve the quality even of an essay on Literature or any other Humanitarian subject.

A table

Name Your Table

Firstly, you should define the topic and the specifics of the table you are going to include into your text. There are two types of titles for tables: a main title and a subtitle.

  • The Main Title

    It will deal with the main topic of your table and show your reader what it is for. You may put the title on the top, or simply add it to the signal sentence, which precedes your table. For example: “Below is the table, which will show the main differences of the educational systems mentioned”.

  • The Subtitles

    The subtitles refer to the subjects, or aspects of one subject, which are being reviewed in your table. There should be at least 2 subtitles for the table to have a sense. The number of subtitles define the number of columns/rows of your table.

Structure of Your Table

Based on your intention, the table can be structured in different ways.

Structure of table

  • The Simplest Table

    The simplest table will deal with one main subject and its detailed review. There will be two columns: the first naming the features and the second showing how those features are represented in the subject reviewed.

  • The Two-Component Table

    This table will deal with two subjects: one for each of two columns. The rows will include the specific features represented in both subjects of the same kind, so the reader can compare them based on the given criteria. You can also name the criteria, separating them into a column (one feature per row), so your reader will understand what point is taken into account.

  • The Expanded Tables

    Adding to the mentioned table skeletons you can extend it the way you need. It is possible to add more subjects, more features to be compared, some specifications etc. Expanding of tables will result in adding more rows and columns.

Purposes of the Table Adding

Now, when you know how to complete a table to be included to your essay text, see why you may need this for:

  • Comparison

    A table is probably the best format for the concise comparison of certain subjects. Your reader will see only the main points: criteria and features within the subjects for comparison.

  • Concise Information Delivery

    Essay writing deals with explanations and sometimes with writing of too many words. You can summarize your point providing a table with two columns, titled as “Causes and Consequences” or “Internal Features and External Features”. By the way, the frequently used SWOT analysis model is also performed in a form of table.

    SWOT table

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