Man’s Wear, Lifestyle and Self-Esteem

Style doesn’t depend neither on a brand or on the sum you paid in a boutique, nor on designer’s name.

Style is an expression of a spiritual state and an inner world and a character of a man. His manners and views are all reflected and mirrored in his appearance, behavior and style. Therefore, there are so many people not similar to each other. Probably that is great, and still the globalization wipes the borders. People come closer, but simultaneously it erases the personality as well.

As it is taken for granted, men put less attention to their appearance and clothes, shoes they wear in society than women. There exists even a kind of belief: man should be a bit handsomer than a monkey.

We have another opinion and suppose that any average woman esteems a man according to his appearance.

Styles in a Fashion Industry

What styles exist in a fashion industry? Let’s name the major of them.

  • English style
  • Classic style. Its sub-styles are formal and office, romantic and French ones.
  • Navy style
  • Military style
  • Vintage style
  • Vamp style
  • Ethnic style
  • Safari style
  • Youth style. Its sub-styles are hippie, grange, hip-hop, house and punk, trash, Barbie, club, sexy and other.
  • Street style
  • Casual style
  • Sport style
  • Glamour style
  • Denim style
  • Country style

I hope you aren`t shocked having read them all, so we continue.

Main 11 Tips for Clothing for Man

Usually men prefer several main styles in clothes. It is classic, casual, denim and youth one. Depending on what style you choose the tips will differ a little.

Hereby you’ll find not less than 11 pieces of advice.

  • Always wear clean, tidy and neat clothes and NEVER dirty ones.

    You won’t be forgiven for such a mistake! For example, woman’s criteria differ from man’s one. Dirty clothes or shoes will tell your partner that you are arrogant and don’t care about personal hygiene. It will spoil the overall image, especially at the first time. You may lose your positions because of your untidiness. And there are fewer chances to go out the next time.

  • Choose the clothes according to the age, social status and occupation.

    It’s funny to see an elderly man who wears youth clothes or a young man who looks like an old-fashioned senior. Your occupation also influences the style. It’s not ok to wear military clothes if you are a teacher at school, for example.

    An old man looking as a young boy
  • Choose the correct size to feel comfortable.

    Don’t buy any cloth according the principle “to grow into” or “I will lose my weight in a week”. Be realistic and stop lying to yourself. You won’t lose weight in a several days. It is ridiculous to see a man wearing the wrong size clothes. Your body gestures or non-verbal signals will betray you at once. Don’t experiment and ask the stylists for a help if you aren’t sure. Don’t be shy and express your wishes.

  • Choose the right color.

    Usually men are strict in choosing the colors. They prefer deep dark blue, light blue, grey or metallic (to any occasion) and black (for rare official meetings) colors. Black is also an elegant, trim, festive and dandy color. By the way, confident people afford themselves to experiment with colors. They know the latest fashion trends and news about it. So they may combine different colors without shocking effect. For example, stylish colors for shirt are colors of lavender, peach, coffee and light tiffany.

  • Use the accessories.

    There are watches (better to have original Swiss ones), sunglasses or spectacles, French cuffs (if you wear a shirt), tie, leather belts and handkerchief. Scarf may also hide your problems with overweight.

    A Man with a Watch
  • Learn to wear definite color shoes.

    Dark brown shoes suits to the dark blue jeans. At summer you may choose the aristocratic shoes as moccasins, and the rest of the year wear classic black shoes or boots. Sneakers are worn only in sport style. As a casual variant, use sport shoes.

  • Don’t wear colorful socks.

    Only black color or dark blue is appropriate!

  • Use only one sport element in a whole ensemble!

    For example, white long-sleeved shirt, black classic jacket, black leather shoes and dark blue jeans. Jeans are exactly that element that is out of rules.

  • Use a wallet, a handbag or a portemonaie for cash or cards.

  • Do have a hair dress!

  • Make the manicure with/without polishing the nails and pedicure in time.

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