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Martin Luther King leadership qualities are really crucial

Martin Luther King is one of the greatest men who fought for the rights of the black people even when the times things proved so difficult for him. Martin Luther king leadership qualities were exceptional in that he never gave up despite the many challenges he faced in his endeavors. He stood firm with his dream to see the black people liberated until he realized it. Here are some Martin Luther king leadership traits.

Martin Luther King leadership qualities were crucially important for history

Martin Luther King leadership qualities and he as himself demonstrated a lot of patience because he understood that his dream could not be attained overnight. He participated in many marches, demonstrations and sit-ins without losing hope until his message was understood by the authorities. He also showed bravery because it took this trait to stand before millions of people and ruling authorities and proclaim the dream he had for his people and entire nation. He was also a talented orator with the ability to put his points across and make people understand him effectively. He gave great speeches that drove the masses towards him.

Martin Luther King leadership traits demonstrated great leadership qualities stepping up to carry out a mission which many people would not have dared. He was also able to command a great following and influenced people with his ideas until everybody found the sense of his fights. He was also persistent because despite the many barriers he faced, for example, being confined in Birmingham jail he never stooped to fight for what he believed was right. When the entire world was against him he never gave up and never took a break until he attained his goal of fighting the rights of black people. He was also a trustworthy person because those who followed him had a lot of trust in him that he was the right person to stop the discrimination and segregation that existed in the United States of America at that time.

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