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Most common essay requests are essay on global warming or war essay topics

Have you been told to write an essay on global warming? The official story is that there is 97% scientific consensus about global warming and strong evidence that it is the fault of industrial civilization. What can you write about in an essay on global warming without repeating these beliefs?

1. How has extremism in the reporting of global warming affected public opinion of the topic?

2. What is the controversy about the editing of Wikipedia with regard to global warming, and what does it reveal? Why were entries about warmer ancient times removed? Who removed them and why?

3. The greatest source of heat for the Earth is the sun. What is the impact of the Sun on the planet's temperature, and what is the correlation between solar cycles and global temperatures?

4. A number of scientists, including 50 from NASA and the founder of the Weather Channel, have come out and said that global warming is either not as drastic as environmentalists say or that it stopped around the year 2000.

5. How is the hysteria about global warming today similar to the new ice age fears of 1970?

6. What is the cost of solutions touted to solve global warming? What impact would these changes have on human life?

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War essay topics may come from history teachers teaching about past wars, philosophy lecturers discussing the ethics of war, journalism classes asking students to research current wars or technology students asked to write about future wars. What war essay topics have not yet been overdone?

1. The United States Congress has not declared war since World War 2. How has the impact of letting Presidents go to war without formal declarations affected US policy?

2. How has the War on Terror affected the lives of average citizens?

3. What does the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) promise to do in the War on Terror, and what concerns to proponents have about the law?

4. How are immigration policy and national security related? How would changing one affect the other?

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