Most Common Ways for Students to Cheat

Essay Cheating

We can rarely meet a person who has never cheated in his or her life. According to the statistics, about 60% of cheating happens while the person is studying at school, college or university. Most cases of cheating happen during the tests but sometimes students decide to prepare home tasks in easier ways than the teachers expect them to do. So here are TOP 3 Ways how students usually cheat.

Method #1 Desk note method

This method students usually use for tests when they can suggest what exactly they will be asked about. Desk note cheating method is about writing some hints, formulas and other brief tips on the desk so while the exam you have an opportunity to look into them. In order for the teacher not to notice them the students usually put their test or exam sheets over it.

This way to cheat it convenient as you do not need to move a lot and look like you are concentrated on your writing sheet.

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Method #2 Long sleeved method

Long sleeved way to cheat is good for cold seasons when you are able to wear clothes with long sleeves or baggy outfits. There are two approaches to this method: first, you can write the tips on your arms and cover them with your long sleeves. When you start the test you can roll your sleeves up and see what you have written on the arms. The second approach is hiding small papers with tips in your sleeves, which you can take out during the exam and copy needed answers from there.

Certainly, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. The one with papers makes you have surplus stuff during the exam, which however you can try to get rid of and to pretend that you are clean from any cheating, when erasing answers from your arms would be little more difficult if the teacher looks suspicious at you.

Method #3 Phone-a-Friend

This way to cheat is one of the oldest and the most popular. In brief, you need to take a sit not far from your friend who knows the subject well and is ready for the test or exam that you are passing. Make sure that this friend is the one who you can rely on and is willing to help you. So you will be able to ask him questions that you are not sure about and get some precious tips.

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Although this method is really nice do not forget that your friend is working on his own test too, so it is better not to ask him too much that he gets mad with you. One more important thing – be careful as both of you can be caught and get punished by the teacher.

More tips on passing your test successfully:

  • Do not be nervous. Sometimes people that are going to cheat are worrying more than they would be worried about just taking the exam. Try to hide your emotions or keep calm.
  • If you are not sure about your agility skills it is better to use the simplest methods or not cheat at all. Remember that when you get caught on cheating it can bring much worse results that just bad grade. Some colleges do not allow students that cheated to retake the exams or make them much more severe.

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