Music and the Learning Process

All students can roughly be divided into two groups: those, who listen to music while studying, and those, who prefer silence. The first group representatives claim, that music helps them to learn information better, when the others claim that music distracts them. Who is right and what kind of music is suitable for studying?

The Contradiction of Views

Music in a Student`s Life

If you look around at streets, you will see a lot of students walking with their earphones and listening to music. We can make a conclusion, that music is an important element of our lives. However, can it be helpful if talking about the studies? Does it contribute to the effectiveness of learning? If yes, what kind of music one should listen to for the better performance?

Some Useful Hints on Using Music for Better Studying

Here are some good facts you should take into account, if you want to get use of music to achieve better results in studies.

  1. The Ability to Recognize Images, Letters and Numbers

    According to the research covered by Neuroscience of Behavior and Physiology, the music noticeably improves the human`s ability to recognize visual elements. It was specified, that such an effect has been observed as a result of listening to classical or rock music.

  2. Dopamine Production

    Listening to music activates the part of our brain responsible for satisfaction. That is why music will help you to feel better while doing some monotonous assignments. It is important to mention, that the satisfaction level also depends on the expectancy. In case you like the song and it is new, the dopamine emission will be more than if you listen to the song you like and know. It is also important to keep the limit: too high level of dopamine is also distractive.

  3. Unknown Tracks Music Helps to Feel Better

    Nevertheless, you should better include the songs you know to the playlist for studies. The thing is, that getting new information through new sounds your brain can distract on remembering and recognizing of the new sounds, so you will pay more attention to music and less attention to work.

  4. With Lyrics of without It?

    The music having words is considered to be more distractive than the tracks without words. That is why a lot of people choose classical music as the background for their learning. Among the famous composers we can mention Mozart as one of the best choices for the purposes of learning.

  5. Meaningful Songs

    When developing your playlist for studying try to avoid your favorite songs or songs, which mean a lot for you. If you hear such a song, you will get your emotions activated and you will be distracted by memories and feelings. It is important to keep serious enough while paper writing.

    Listening to Music While Studying
  6. Make Experiments

    All in all, it is hard to tell, what genre of music causes better results for all of students. Everyone is a personality with his specific taste and interests. Therefore, you should try out different types of music tracks and see, which one helps you better. For example, Steven King prefers hard rock as a background for writing, even though most of people won`t understand this. The playlist and its effectiveness is also influenced by your particular mood. Thus, it is up to you to choose. We have just provided some information for your personal evaluation.

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