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What should I write in my essay about Barack Obama?

Do you need to write an essay about Barack Obama? What considerations do you need to take into account when writing a Barack Obama essay paper?

1. Many mainstream media reports wrote far more pieces that were positive about Barack Obama than they did about challenger Mitt Romney. Be careful to get both sides of the story when writing an essay about Barack Obama, though most sources are unabashedly in his favor.

2. Be careful in your selection of news sources when writing about President Obama. White House press releases are not valid sources, nor are tweets and text messages.

3. Verify quotes before using them. In an increasingly digital age, quotes are often misattributed.

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When writing a Barack Obama essay paper, the fact that he is the first black man to hold the office and the culmination of this as the resolution of racism in the United States is a stale topic. What topics could be written about for a paper on President Obama that are not yet dry and boring?

1. Write about how his childhood overseas in Indonesia and how Kenyan family ties give him a different view about the world.

2. Research his unorthodox mentors. Marshall Davis was Obama's mentor from the age of ten. Who is he, and what views did he carry that Obama seems to hold today?

3. While President Obama is a law school graduate, there are many controversies about the constitutionality of his decisions. Some of these concerns include appointing people to the National Labor Relations Board. What do you consider to be the greatest potential violation of the Constitution, and how should it be remedied?

4. The impact of President Obama's election has altered the dialogue about race relations. Now, that a black man has become President, should be related to social policies change.

5. What are the ethical implications of Obama being portrayed as a Messiah and Jesus? Compare and contrast this to the constant demonization of his predecessor.

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