English That Does Not Exist. Assumptions

Research Question

It is difficult to overestimate the value of English, because it is the most commonly used language on Earth – more than 450 million people recognize it as their native one, and about 650 million use it as an additional tongue. 75% of the world's correspondence is in English, 80% of computer information is stored in it.


There are many countries on the planet, whose inhabitants speak several thousand tongues. But the people of the Earth need to comprehend each other, communicate, cooperate and maintain friendly relations so that there is no misunderstanding and conflicts between people, because there are always controversial issues, on whose decisions of peace or war depends. Here English, the main tongue of interethnic communication, also comes to the aid, and hence, it would be impossible to establish communication between world powers without it.

English is the working and official tongue of the United Nations, without it all participants of meetings would have to study the tongue of every representative of a certain country for many years. Either the option of creating new posts – a stenographer fixing everything that has been said, and translators, operatively deciphering shorthand in all the languages of the planet – would be considered. These professions would become the most popular, because all sorts of meetings of governments, the approval of legislative acts and decrees are conducted in English now.


There is a percentage of the population able to understand the English expressions in any corner of the planet, which makes it possible for a traveler who speaks the tongue not to feel rejected and completely alien. If you want to know the way, ask about the availability of places in the hotel, order food or ask for help, a stranger can find at least someone who speaks English and is able to respond. And if there was no English, a few would decide to go on a trip, and the tourism industry would begin to fade.


International trade is carried out in English, that is, it can be said with certainty that as long as the issue with the universal language is not solved, the inhabitants of each country would have to manage with the goods that are produced in the territory of their state. Imagine how many countries that do not have sufficient resources would be left without food and gas. This would freeze traffic, lead to hunger and the inability to warm up housing in the winter season. Foreign states would need too much time to ask for help from neighboring countries, and it would be too late to solve the problem.

The work of the banking system is also inextricably connected with the use of English, which means that non-cash payments not only of an international character but also of local importance would cease without it. Paper notes reissuing would be more frequent, which would lead to an irrational reduction in the forest area.

Science, Transport and Technologies

All the languages of the world are supplemented each year with adapted words from the English language as the main source of replenishment of the lexical composition, because the native tongue does not always provide the equivalent of the word or provides a stylistic effect.

English is a living instrument of academics and scientists. The exchange of scientific achievements and accumulated experience would be impossible without it.

The work of the transport system on land, in the air and at sea would have to be stopped, because it is carried out in English.

English is also a programming language, the progress of software development would slow down without it, because it would take forever to translate software codes and fix bugs in all tongues of the world.

In addition to world-wide troubles, the lack of English would entail, for example, the inability of gamers to test new games until their translation in their native tongue. The same applies to the entire population, who daily have access to the latest applications and programs for mobile phones and computers thanks to the English language, which they are firstly translated in (if not initially written in it).

Advertising, Literature and Communication

Advertising often uses words adapted from English, more euphonious than their synonyms in the original tongue.

Many literary works will be inaccessible until they are translated into all languages of the world, millions of documents, articles, instructions, films would have to wait for years.

Let alone communication on the Internet – people could speak only with representatives of their nation, and the network would cease to be called global. And how many families would not appear, because usually lovers, who are subjects of different countries, communicate first in English, and after the marriage learn the tongue and culture of each other.

With a few exceptions, the whole political, economic, sporting, scientific life of the world is in English, which means that without this tongue it would be necessary to look for new ways of interaction between countries in these areas, and it is not the fact that such would become possible.

Probably, another way of communication would not be so convenient, or there would not be enough words and definitions in the newly developed language to describe all the existing processes that require description. The presence of English tongue solves many problems, it is firmly entrenched in the cycle of our everyday life and continues to be studied by millions of people every day.

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