One of the best topics for sociology paper is a topic about the family

One of the most famous topics for sociology paper is for sure the family composition. The family composition and its kinship network in the modern society are one of the essential subjects of the so-called "Family Sociology."

This brief essay is based on the results of some Italian researches conducted in the urban area of Rome, and it is a simple empirical contribution to the ideas for sociology paper. Thus, several scholars show the results of a research concerning a sample of families, of different social class, who live in Rome. The first problem of "family sociology" concerns the cohabitation and the proximity of relatives, measured in two moments of family life: immediately after the marriage and after fifteen years of marriage. The second problem analyses the relations between family and kinship in order to explain which function is assigned to the family and which to the kinship in an urban milieu.

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The results emerged from these typical topics for sociology paper discover that, immediately after marriage, the wider family is still very much alive in the working and middle classes. As years go by, the cohabitation finishes. Despite this fact, most people do not want to live with relatives. In fact, after fifteen years of marriage, the proximity of married children to parents is very near. The contacts with the mothers and the mothers-in-law, with the fathers and the fathers-in-law, with the brothers and sisters are very frequent and they consist in economic aids, loans, presents and many services, a true system of mutual aid.

Considering that the family is neither isolated nor independent of the kinship, what means this in the general social system? Which role the wider family and the kinship network play in Italian welfare state? With role the relatives have in the integration of differentiated social system?

These social problems need scholars with new and great ideas for sociology paper...

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