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In this article, the Academic Assistance Writing Company presents the famous Sigmund Freud research on the unconscious, which revolutionized the psychological opinion for evermore.

In Freud essay on "Interpretation of Dreams" [1899], the idea of human consciousness has been proposed as a symbolical "stratified land," and with various levels of memory and experience. This "stratified land" is the mysterious unconscious.

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Freud essay shows that human behaviors are ruled by irrational unconscious forces [motives], which were established during the early childhood. Thus, childhood's experience has a enormous influence on our behavior adults, because the memory is "sub-sided" in our unconscious and it thus continues to affect our adult life. This was a remarkable change in respect to the idea of a "logical" world. Freud's theories on the man completely ruled by irrational forces, by "uncontainable" desires and motivations, radically revolutionized our vision of the world and life, because all is dominated by absolutely subjective forces.

The common affirmation according to which Freud was a "genius," does not explain in depth the amazing discovery of the unconscious .In our opinion, the underlying reason is constituted not only by the " genius" of Freud, but also (and perhaps especially ) by his classical culture , for which he had thoroughly analyzed the symbolic meaning of the Greek and Latin myths .The knowledge of Freud on the ancient world was very exhaustive , and perhaps it was in line with that of Nietzsche.

This particular aspect of Freud's culture was underlined since the early by scholars who, in their Sigmund Freud research, dealt with Freud and his psychoanalysis. Some critics (even if secretly) pointed out that Freud was a great connoisseur of European and classical culture in particular, and that his great hobby was the collecting of Greek and Latin antiquities ( see "Sigmund Freud", edited by E. Jones, New York, 1956).

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