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Writing assistance is highly required in the academics field today. Generally students who are weak in their writing skills seek the help of writers or academic assistance writing companies to help them write various kinds of projects that include their term papers, research reports, essays, thesis or dissertation. It is very essential for the student to approach a good academic assistance writing company as the quality will determine the scores that a student will achieve.

When it comes to writing, academic assistance writers have to be prepared for almost anything and everything. Say for example from writing a review or analysis on the documentary 'Ethnic Notions' or a synopsis in the form of 'Shooting An Elephant Summary' an academic writing project can really test the skills of the writer.

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Keeping in mind the above scenario it is recommended that one should approach an academic assistance writing company who has been in the academic assistance writing business for quite a considerable amount of time. The versatility of a company can only come with experience. A student has to really scout through earlier written projects to determine the quality of the writer or the academic assistance writing company. One can ask for a paper which is plagiarism free and quite original in nature.

A good way of test the skills of the academic assistance writing company is to give them some assignments. A great way of testing the skills of all the writers would be to assign two of them to write a detailed analysis of the documentary 'Ethnic Notions' in their own unique way while the other two can write a short synopsis titles 'Shooting an Elephant Summary' based on a famous essay written by George Orwell. When they are done, the assignments can be exchanged and re written in a vice versa manner.

Thus in this way the student concerned can have four different samples of the same content and now his job is made much more easier as he has to just chose the best and use his writing skills for his academic papers.

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