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An American Revolution essay should contain certain specific elements to be written in an adequate way. American Revolution essays already have a specific subject, which is America's chosen path of being declared independent from Great Britain following ideals of independence and liberty and due to pressing economic decisions.

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An American Revolution essay should have the following components:

1. Prepare a diagram or outline

As you may know this part is of the utmost importance, since it helps in generating ideas and ordering information.

2. Write the thesis statement

What point will you be making? What do the principal ideas and supportive ideas explain about the American Revolution?

3. Write the body of the essay

Each main idea in the outline and thesis statement will consist of a paragraph; this is where the information, ideas, analysis or research will come to fruition and is the meat of your essay.

4. After the last step, write the introduction

Again, the introduction should be written last, why? Because most parts of the work itself will be developing as they are written and many important parts could be omitted if the introduction was written first.

5. Write the conclusion

You will write a recap of the work, things learned or other final considerations

6. Revision for last minute touches

You should have a list of elements to make revisions to, such as grammar, margins, names, dates, spacing, titles, etc.

The task at hand usually ends depicting how America becomes a democratic country and some aspects leading to that point. If it's true American Revolution essays contain the same structure as most essays. The student, researcher or writer is able to introduce his or her own insights into the work. That is one of the most important parts of the essay because as it depicts historical facts and it also shows how this information is interpreted, that way it can enhance your own comprehension and understanding.

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