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Euthanasia which is also known as mercy killing is a way to end one's life intentionally. If a person suffers from a condition that cannot be cured by medical science or by any means, he can request to end his life thereby relieving himself of all the pain and suffering. The debate on legalizing euthanasia is going on for long time around the world. Several countries have allowed it only on medical ground when the hope of survival is near to zero. Netherlands was one of the first country to legalize euthanasia. It defines euthanasia as clinical termination of life at the request of patient. Different countries have categorized euthanasia in different way which includes voluntary and involuntary euthanasia. Voluntary euthanasia is allowed in some countries while involuntary euthanasia is completely banned in all countries all over the world. Several research paper on Euthanasia have been published giving contrasting views. Several countries in Asia including India considers that any form of euthanasia is against the freedom of person. They argue that the patients who are in coma for long time can never be in a position to decide for themselves. And anyone else taking any decision on behalf of patient to end his (patient's) life is preposterous and against his freedom.

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So as a whole paper on euthanasia is a very complex and difficult issue to comprehend. Although euthanasia paper have been published to highlight the plight of several patient who are on the life support system for so long that there is no chance for revival. Such patient's should be taken away from life support system so as to allow them to die in piece. We need several more research papers on euthanasia paper so as to study the complexity of issue in more details before arriving at any conclusion. The human life is, after all very costly.

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