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“Personal Strengths and Weaknesses”: Essay Writing Techniques

At first glance, a topic “Personal strengths and weaknesses” may seem easy to complete. However, most students face issues with figuring out their strong and weak sides and demonstrating them in a proper manner. Here is a brief guide to completion a personal essay step by step.

Step 1. Figuring out the purpose of essay

  • Note that content of your paper and the techniques, which you use, will differ depending on the purpose of your writing. Various readers expect to see various characteristics of yours – make sure that you consider this point.
  • If you are writing an essay for a psychology class, for instance, you need to assure that it corresponds to the topic that you study and the requirements given.
  • If you are writing a paper for the application try to demonstrate the traits, which would be appreciated in your personal case. However, make sure that you do not exaggerate and tell the truth. For example, if you apply for a grant for leadership studies you should reveal such qualities as self-confidence, self-motivation and ability to motivate others etc.

Step 2. Finding out what your strength are.

  • Realizing your strong sides is not as easy as it seems to be. It is a typical situation when a person faces the issue of thinking that he or she does not possess any special qualities and is awfully ordinary. Nevertheless, it cannot be true. Even if you do not stand out in any field think of the activities that you like to do and are easy for you. Definitely, those are the things, which you can deal with best of all.
  • It is a common mistake to appropriate the features, which you do not have yet but desire to possess. The wish to improve yourself is highly recommended but your task is to state the qualities, which you currently have.
  • The best way to structure this piece of information is, first of all, to brainstorm and make a list with all things, which you are good it. After this try to select 3 or 5 brightest ones and set them in the descending order.
  • It is a good idea to include the trait, which is relatively rare, in your list. Think what you are special about and the skills, which other people do not usually possess. Be sure that this will be counted as your advantage.

Step 3. Determining your weak sides.

  • This task is challenging as well, but for people, which are not too self-confident, stating their weak sides may seem easier. However, the biggest dare, which one can come across on this stage, is showing the weaknesses in a proper light.
  • You can use the same technique for finding out what your weaknesses are as you did with strength: brainstorm, make the list, and select 3 or 5 main features. To make the brainstorming step easier think of the situations that you regret about or when you could be more successful. Clarify what the obstacles you faced.
  • When you are writing about weaknesses make sure that you do not exaggerate them. Also, you must show your readiness to fix them and awareness of how to do it.

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