Psychology Lab Report: Examples of Topics

The first thing, which you have to remember before starting the experiment, is that you should select a proper topic – the one you can tackle and conduct an actual research on it. Psychology suggests a number of aspects that can be studies, however, we recommend you to evaluate your opportunities for experiment and select the topic, which you are able to collect data about, find the participants for the experiment and assess the results objectively. Those are the rules of a successful lab report.

Topics for the psychology lab report:

  1. Animal assisted psychological therapy.
  2. The differences in communication between males and females.
  3. Bullying and cyberbullying.
  4. Psychological aspects of competitions.
  5. Cults and religions.
  6. Depression and its causes.
  7. The best ways to stop depression.
  8. Fears and phobias.
  9. The effectiveness of group therapy.
  10. Pessimism and optimism.
  11. The attacks of panic.
  12. Efficiency of a pet therapy.
  13. Is an art therapy helpful for people that suffer from depression?
  14. Language acquisition.
  15. Linguistic world’s picture of bilinguals.
  16. Differences between public and private selfness.
  17. Music psychology.
  18. The issue of shopaholism.
  19. Can shopping be used as a therapy?
  20. Influence of rumors on daily life.
  21. Gossiping and its impact on the person’s self-assessment. 
  22. Sadism and family violence.
  23. The process of stereotyping.
  24. National stereotypes.
  25. How does war effect individuals?
  26. Typical gender roles today.
  27. Are gender roles a result of prejudicing and stereotyping?
  28. Basic patterns of non-verbal communication.
  29. National differences in non-verbal communication.
  30. Learning disabilities.
  31. Social control.


  • Methodology is one of the most important sections that must be included into your lab report. Here you are expected to explain and describe how you are going to conduct your research and held the experiment.
  • There are some methods, which are really easy to use nowadays. One of them in questionnaire, which you can develop online (a number of web-resources may help you to make the process easier) and send to the respondents’ emails or social accounts. The participants can choose a convenient time for filling it in and send back to you. This is how you will be able to get rid of mass of paperwork. Moreover, the questionnaire tools will assist you in analyzing the results received: you can get statistics and diagrams basing on the participants’ responses.

Structure of the lab report on psychology.

  • The first part of the lab report is typically an abstract, which is written on the separate page, contains not more than just one paragraph and describe the main points of your work.
  • Introductory part of the lab report has to contain the author’s hypothesis – an assumption about the experiment’s outcomes.
  • Methodology part explains how the research was held, how many people participated and their background.
  • Result sections contains just statistic data, often presented in figures and tables.
  • Discussion is a part for your result interpretation. Here you should state whether your hypothesis was proved or reputed.
  • Reference page contains all the sources which you have used and cited.
  • There also maybe an appendices page, which includes various figures and tables if they are necessary.

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