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How to Have a Productive Break

The school year is stressful and tiring for any student. Assignments, lectures and projects can drain out the power even out of the toughest learners. You count the days until the long awaited holidays come. Finally they are here, and it is time to spend them usefully. Ideally, that means to recharge your batteries and have fun at the same time. Here are a few tricks to successfully power up during your vacation.

Switch up your activity

This is the key to a productive rest. If usually you run around the campus finishing essays, gulping down coffees and gathering up study groups, then it is high time for you to take a deep breath and turn off your ignition for the weekend. If, on the other hand, you are a calm type who enjoys dozing off during classes, an extreme sport may be your best choice. In other words, you should not follow your usual studying style on your day off.

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Change the place

This rule works even for the smallest changes. Sometimes it is just impossible to concentrate while sitting stiffly at the desk, but moving to the bed instantly does the trick. It is scientifically proven, that moving from your usual environment helps your brain freshen up, and gives new energy to your body. Going to the country for a few days, or visiting a friend’s house are great options.

Be there for yourself

During the school year, and especially during the exams, it is common to have an erratic sleeping schedule and not eat properly, because of the lack of time. The holidays are specifically there for you to take care of your health, both physical and mental. Treat yourself to regular healthy meals, and turn off your alarm clock to sleep longer. This will definitely help you to get rid of the stress. Even talking to a good friend you have not heard from lately can be a big boost for you.

Keep your mind busy

Even if you are not studying as hard anymore, it is important not to go completely slack. It will be harder to go into a new semester with a completely lax brain. Do all calculations in your head, pick up a book, or maybe do a crossword puzzle every now and then. These should not be challenging activities, but ones that can keep you fit while you recharge for a new start.

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Learn to enjoy your time

It is not rare for workaholics to find themselves bored within a few days after the holidays start. Their hands itch to do something, their eyes look for a to-do list to complete. If you are one of these people, there is only one plan for this time in your life: do the things you really enjoy doing. If you do not know what they are, try to learn a new skill. Cooking, painting and photography can help you keep busy and maybe they will turn out to be your new favorite hobby.

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