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Research Paper about Alcohol: Pros and Cos of Drinking Age Lowering

Drinking is an issue which is represented by a range of points that can be researched. You may study the impact of alcohol on human body and mental activity, causes and effects of alcohol addiction, legislature topics connected with drinking restrictions, traditions of drinking in different countries and so on. Our article suggests the ideas for explicating advantages and disadvantages of lowering drinking age.

Definition of Drinking Age

Drinking age is a certain age when one is legally allowed to drink and buy alcohol. It differs according to the countries, states and special circumstances. Therefore, if you are allowed to purchase and consume alcohol at the age of 18 in Russia, it does not mean that you can do the same in the USA or Central America.

The restrictions for the age when drinking is allowed are various and depend on the culture of drinking in a certain region as well as on possible issues connecting with youngsters drinking in this area.

Advantages of Lowering Drinking Age

  1. 18 is considered to be an adulthood age in almost the whole world. Therefore, having acquired the rights of the adult, one should be able to decide him- or herself whether to buy and drink alcohol.
  2. If 18 is accepted as a drinking age, we will provide this age group with an ability to consume alcohol in the places which are supposed for doing this, for example, in bars, cafes and restaurants. This will make drinking process safer as youngsters will not need to hide consuming alcohol. Besides, they will learn how to do it in a socially correct way.
  3. In case drinking age is lowered to 18, the law for drinking for the underage will not be broken. Alcohol consuming should be normalized according to the needs of society.
  4. As the age of 21 is considered legal for alcohol consumption, youngsters tend to violate other parts of law, such as making fake ID cards, in order to purchase alcohol.
  5. Statistically, the drinking age of 21 is not effective and this kind of age restriction does not prevent youngsters from drinking before they are 21. Additionally, underage illegal drinking is very widespread indeed, so it is often ignored by police.

Disadvantages of Drinking Age Lowering

  1. Alcohol has a strong harmful impact on human organism. Especially, it influences the young body and brain, mutating different zones of it. Due to this, a young person risks to have such problems as depression, memory loss, emotional instability, vulnerability or even suicidal thoughts.
  2. If from the age of 18 young people are allowed to visit and drink in bars and nightclubs they might get into dangerous environment earlier than they have learnt to resist it. The locations where alcohol is sold are typically the places where violent crimes and assaults happen.
  3. Reducing of alcohol consumption is possible if the drinking age is 21 or higher. Young people tend to consume alcohol quite often, and this means that drinking age lowering will increase the number of drinkers. This is a negative prospect for overall state of health in the country.

What Else Can You Add to Your Essay?

The issue of whether it is reasonable to lower the drinking age in the United States or not remains controversial until nowadays. Despite the fact that three states (California, Minnesota and New Hampshire) have been reported to plan the implementation of the new regulations, still there is neither a final decision, nor at least a compromise, which would satisfy both sides of this argument.

Definitely, you have your own view on the matter. So, your main and, probably, the most challenging task is to prove that it has the right to exist on a par with the opinions of respectable sociologists, psychologists and other specialists who are working on this issue now. Let us see what can help you advocate your position in a more confident way, and therefore making your readers accept it as a fair one, if not agree with it totally.

  1. Find out more about the history of the issue and present it very concisely in your paper. Also, you can base on the arguments which were posed either in favor or against lowering the drinking age at that time, using them to support your own considerations.
  2. Search for the most recent news concerning the issue. The news can help you see the whole picture and understand the tendencies as well as analyze them in a right way. The information you learn can be also used to prove your opinions or to make the prospects regarding the consequences of the drinking age lowering.
  3. Do not ignore the opposite views whatever they are. Some of your arguments can be built on the contrast and differences between what both of the sides claim. However, you should stay impartial and refrain from criticizing your opponents.
  4. Drinking age lowering is being discussed not only by the officials and the above-mentioned specialists, but also by common people. So, you can search for some online discussion in order to see what opinions prevail among American citizens of different age.

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