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If you are a psychology student or even just taking a psychology class, chances are you will study bipolar disorder. You may even have to write a research paper on bipolar disorder. If you do, here are some basic facts you'll need to grasp in order to make the grade.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness. Like other mental illnesses, bipolar disorder may arise due to a number of factors including, but not limited to, genetics, trauma, and environment. For your bipolar disorder research paper, it is important to acknowledge that not every case of bipolar disorder is the same, and that like other mental illnesses, having a bipolar disorder does not make one like others suffering from the same infliction.

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People with bipolar disorder generally move between two states of emotional being: manic and depressive. For your research paper on bipolar disorder, you will want to include information on both of these states. A manic state occurs when energy and happiness hormone levels are high and the patient experiences a "high" where he or she feels uncontrollable bouts of productivity, impulsivity, and joy. A depressive state occurs when these hormone levels are low, and the patient exhibits symptoms common of the mental illness depression, including, but not limited to, low mood, low motivation, failure to achieve goals, and anxiety.

When writing a bipolar disorder research paper, remember to address people who are inflicted with the mental illness fairly and respectfully. Just as you wouldn't say that a cancer patient has the disease because something is inherently wrong with their personality, don't do the same for sufferers of bipolar disorder. Remember the simple rule of "people first," as in, address them as human beings first and sufferers of an illness second.

For more in depth information on bipolar disorder, use your preferred search engine or visit a popular medical website.

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