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Research topics in sociology.

Title: Research topics in sociology.

Headline: Sociology is a dynamic field of study that needs a constant research. Here you can find the ideas for research papers in sociology.

Sociology is a discipline that covers a very wide scope of knowledge, particularly, the issues and phenomena connected with people, their communities, relationships and institutions. Therefore, in case you have to complete the paper on sociology you can be sure to find an appropriate research topic, which interests you and needs to be studied. Here you can find few tips for conducting a sociology research and a list of topics for the paper.

Writing tips on sociology research:

  • Before you start writing process you should take some readings in order to get ideas and examples for your research paper.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the current issues that are close to your topic selected. You are to describe and discuss the newest trends.
  • To develop your ideas received from reading we recommend you to discuss it with someone. Select the most controversial statements and try to debate with your friend, colleague or teacher about them.
  • You have to evaluate the theories, which you are applying to the issues studied. To make sure that your position and the theories themselves are valid you should learn the alternative opinions and counterarguments.
  • You must always consider the cultural and historical differences when doing a sociological research. Remember that every piece of knowledge can rarely be absolute.
  • When you are using a particular source you should take into account the social context of its author.
  • In case you discuss a particular social concept you should illustrate it with an example since the notion may be too abstract for understanding and your task is to explain it to the reader.

Topics for sociology research:

Urban sociology topics:

  • The issues of urban commuting.
  • Trip to work: how not to waste time in the road.
  • Mass transportation types.
  • The history of metro.
  • Ecological ways of mass transportation.
  • The most economical ways to transport people in cities.
  • High speed rail and its dangers.
  • How does traffic influence people’s lives?
  • Technological developments changing mass transportation.
  • The fails and wins of urban education.
  • The most effective ways to improve urban schooling.
  • The role of leadership in urban schools.
  • Reforms in urban schools.
  • The methods to improve academic achievements in urban schools.
  • The role of gender in urban education.
  • Public education and private education in cities: comparative analysis.

Topics about poverty.

  • The connection of poverty and housing issues.
  • The ways to reduce poverty in the cities.
  • Why are big cities usually the poverty epicenters?
  • Distribution of incomes as one of the effective ways to decrease urban poverty.
  • Racial segregation of ghettos.
  • Urban poverty and rural poverty: how are they different?

Topics about migration.

  • The history of immigration in Canada.
  • The history of US immigration.
  • The history of immigration to Australia.
  • Refugees and escaping from violence.
  • Internally displaced people.
  • The rights of refugees.
  • Political regimes leading to refuging.
  • Refugee cycle and international concepts of the issue.
  • Migration of black and its transformation of the USA.
  • Wartime migration.

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