Sample Observation Essay and Writing Hints for Students.

Observation essay is often assigned in colleges as it is very useful for acquiring and training such skills as observation, writing and revising. What is more, it teaches students to be attentive and interpret the results objectively, which are really necessary tools for any activities, apart from academic work. The process of the observation essay completion can be divided into 5 main sections, which will explain to you in our article.

Step 1. Observe.

  • The very first thing, which you have to do when starting an observation essay, is to observe. Note that observing means more than just seeing something. You should be exceptionally attentive and work with all your senses, such as sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste if possible.
  • You may observe details separately but, also, try to notice how they work together and which mechanisms organize them.

Step 2. Take notes.

  • Together with concentrating on what you are observing you are to take the notes in order to keep all the information recorded. This will also let you keep your data organized and accurate and to make sure that you will not forget anything important.
  • Try to make your notes as detailed as possible. This will provide you with maximum information when you will be recording your data and writing the paper.
  • Do not worry about how your notes look as you will not hand them in. Just make sure that they are readable for you.
  • Do your best to make your notes full and detailed. Indicate such aspects as date, exact time, physical arrangements, locality, and weather conditions.

Step 3. Recording the data

  • After you have completed an observation and wrote down all the important notes you need to arrange the information properly. While you were not allowed to interpret the data during taking notes on this step you are able to analyze it.
  • Make sure that you have described what you saw on the previous step as interpretation can be done only now.

Step 4. Drafting.

  • Observation essay has to be well-structured as every part has its own function.
  • Introduction should represent your research problem or question. It can be assigned by your tutor or you may select it by your own according to personal interests and preferences. Also, introduction provides a general description of the setting, which you observed.
  • Body paragraphs are organized around the certain aspect of your observation. Make sure that the first sentence of each accumulates the main idea of the paragraph and the last one serves as a transition to the next part.
  • A conclusion plays one of the key roles in the observation paper: it should remind the audience about the research problem and state that it was resolved, which was proven in the main body of the essay. Additionally, you may reveal new aspects and present them as perspective for suture research.

Step 5. Revising.

  •  The last but not the least section in paper completion is revision. Make sure that your data is accurate and corresponds to your field notes; the structure of the paper is logical and your claims are clear and supported with evidence.

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