A questionnaire on should the government provide health care

Government still forms one of the most dependable institutions for many countries around the world. This is because of their mandate in provision of social services and amenities such as health care, schools, and roads among others to its citizens for the common goal of goodwill. Why should the government provide health care, current ethical issues health care? Many people have been asking themselves this question for many decades without finding the perfect answer.

We all know that in an economy, there is the distribution of incomes of various people indifferent classes of social habitation. For example, in the third world countries, the lower social ranking forms the largest majority of people in such country. This forces the government to be the sole provider of health services to its people. Why should they do this? First, people collect taxes from various commodities and personal employment incomes that are used in the provision of health care for all citizens. This ensures that citizens are healthy leading to higher economic engagements leading to growth of the economy as well as development from the ever-growing population.

You have to decide should the government provide health care, how to achieve it

Secondly, "a healthy country is a self-defense country". It is easy to attack a "sick country more easily when compared to a healthy country". This is because a country with healthy people can produce products for domestic dependence as well as international dependence, which may earn the country foreign exchange in the long run. A healthy country attacks foreign investors more easily compared to a non-healthy countries due to adequate provision health care services to citizens.

In conclusion, there are several current ethical issues in health care. These include integrity, professionalism, and accountability by the health stakeholders when conducting their medical duties. This has fuel a positive perception of many citizens towards why should the government provide health care, current ethical issues health care and other health issues .

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