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We can analyze the situation of overpopulation in India

Overpopulation in India is a serious problem and government is trying very hard to neutralize this problem. However it is not an easy thing to do in a country like India that has so many different cultures, tradition, custom and rituals that suggest a person to have many children. Because of these rituals and customs it is very difficult to find a solution to overpopulation and that's why overpopulation in India is not at controlled stage till this time.

If we talk about a solution to overpopulation than birth control is the only solution for this problem. To get best results Indian Government did so many national level campaigns also. These campaigns talk about the benefit of smaller family and what is the importance of having only two children in family. It also made people aware about usage of condom and contraceptive pills.

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These efforts are giving positive results also and population growth rate is decreasing in India but then also this result is not sufficient because many people in India still feel shy to buy a condom or contraceptive pill. Despite of all the efforts India is still second most populated country of the world after china and in terms of density it is one of the densest countries of the world that's why it is very important to expedite these population control efforts.

This overpopulation is also affecting growth of this country because it is getting very difficult for government to arrange quality food, education and shelter for this huge crowd. This does not means that government is not capable or it is not trying to give the basic requirement to all Indian or country does not have enough resources. It has all the resources and desire to feed and educate people but this desire does not transform in to the reality because of overpopulation.

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